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Declaring September my «Into Wellness» month

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you may have seen that I decided last week to challenge myself this month.

September is my birthday month, I always want it to hold something different, just for me.

After two years with fibromyalgia, a move across the planet from where I was born and raised to where my heart belongs, lingering depression and more that put my body into the heaviest I’ve been (yes, more than when I was actually 9 months pregnant ! shocker), it is time to go back to who I know I am.

It is difficult to look at myself in the mirror and see someone I don’t recognize. I do a lot of Soul Work, because it’s who I am. I am beginning to understand the link between my thoughts, my Spiritual path, and my body (because yes, they are intertwined together).

I jotted some ideas of what I want to focus on this month, knowing I can’t do well on something too rigid:


Food is the major part of what I need to focus on, I can indulge too easily. I am an emotional eater, been since I am a teenager. I am aware of it, but sometimes awareness is not enough. By doing this publicly, I find myself kind of accountable. No Nutella this month (it is my nemesis, even if I know exactly the side effects it has on me every single time I have some).

One of my goal is to see myself differently, and also to find the food that helps if not eliminate, at least reduce the inflammation and exhaustion.
Self-portraiture is something I do for that purpose. Not out of narcissism, but I noticed how it helps me document who I am at a precise moment. It does not have to be a photo of my face. I won't necessarily share it on social media or here, but for this month of September, I will take a self-portrait everyday. And see what comes up at the end of the month…


I know some of you expressed interest in this project, I would love to know what is your plan, even if it is just two-three things you want to do this month to get into a better health.

I use the hashtag IntoWellness, so if you post something related please feel free to use it as well so I can find you :)

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    Hi! I just found your blog, (lindy blog hop) I scrolled down a little farther to find this posting! I too, am a FM suffer, so I know what you are experiencing though I am sure our symptoms will differ some what. I was diagnosed in 1999, so it’s been a while. As I am getting older (almost 49) I found my self heavier and heavier, having a hard time getting around and fearing for my future. It was time to take some action! I started exercising, just walking on the treadmill, slowly and building up. Changed my eating habits and found I started feeling better, and to date I have lost 50 lbs! Still have a ways to go, but just wanted to encourage you that you can do it! If I can, anyone can! Last summer I couldn’t even plant my own flowers, this year I am riding my bike-7 1/2 miles is my record so far, tilling my new flower beds and of course, I planted my own flowers :)

    Be blessed, God has a plan for your life, not to harm you but for you to prosper!

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    Lynda Dexter says:

    lve the sense of movement

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    Lisa Collins says:

    Love Limor-found you via first blog hop stop. Thought I was going to whiz through each blog, drop a comment then fly to the next one…not! I should have known better :) First off I love your journal pages. Simple, beautiful and full of color and life. Love love love. Second, how did you get in my head! Wow at the connection I had with you. I will definitely follow you and pray for you along your healing journey. You said something I know to be true, knowing and changing are not always possible at given times in life as we struggle with our afflictions, even when the change is what we sooo want. Knowing is indeed the first step though so there is power in that knowledge and that my dear, mixed with faith and a teachable spirit can help us achieve growth, self realization and then hopefully self actualization. God is sooo good-all the time! Thank you for sharing yourself with us so openly and freely.

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    Aegiale says:

    I’ll be with you this month too… I hope September brings you what you need regarding diving into Wellness.
    I’m at my heaviest as well (though I’ve been a wee bit heavier while pregnant), eat to find comfort and haven’t exercised in ages.
    I found a beachbody fitness programm that only requires 10 minutes for a workout (thoguh you can do more than one if you want / can) : that’s doable for me both considering how clingy my little one is and how out of shape I am (my diet is not the only thing to blame, the c-section and what followed made it harder to recover from the birth). I’m also planning to cut off sugar this month (except for the one found in fruits) and increase my fruit & veggies intake. Won’t be doing more tha that or else I’m sure to fail.
    The self protrait everyday is a great idea, I am tempted to follow you there, but I really really don’t like being photographed so planning on doing selfies is waaaaay out of my comfort zone.

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