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Revealing my new series of mixed media paintings: Beyond The Obvious

I love that my closest friends, who I call kindly my KindredSisters, are creative in a way or another. I love bouncing ideas and being inspired by them.

I am currently taking Mindy Lacefield’s Primitive Portrait class, as you may know already. She inspired this series of paintings. In this class, Mindy insists on the fact that less is more and this was perfect timing for me to explore a new way to do my faces, to go deeper into what they express and what I want them to convey. I am finally comfortable in how I paint them, which is huge for me. Huge.


While talking to another of my dear Kindred, Micki (aka The Secret Hermit), I decided to try to see a new mean of how I organize my focus (gosh, not sure this makes sense, I apologize in advance for this fibro flare-up induced blogpost). I have plenty of ideas regarding what I want to paint, but my attention span is low and so is my excitement about a project. So I will now try to determine a time length I want to dedicate to a specific series, share it, release it to the world as I am doing now, and then let it go to start something else. Beyond the Obvious is my April series, maybe a tad bit longer than that but not more than after the first week of May. It does not mean I won’t do other paintings in that style afterwards.

You know my Nixies all have a story to share, but I want to leave it open to each of you: what does they tell you ? What do you feel when you look at them ? I won’t share the stories I have heard while painting them, just their names.

Plus, you can see that there is no two like the other and it makes me so very happy because they still appeared intuitively and I did not try to fix them.

I will add more along the way but here are the first 8. They are all available in my Etsy shop. Click on each Nixie directly to be redirected to her Etsy page. (note: prints will be made available once the original painting has a new home).


In the Teal Studio

I know I haven’t been sharing much lately but I am getting myself busy with several projects dear to me.

First, I am finally filming for my first solo online class (You may know that last year and this year, I have been a guest artist in several classes, and I am forever grateful for that. I am also one of the artist in this year’s Soul Food class, but my lesson will be released in a few months).
If you follow me on one or more social media, you can see some Sneak Peeks now and then (I love seeing behind the scenes from other artists, so I am sharing what I like seeing in others). Here is one:

I am bringing the Magic back, within me as well as around me. And my Studio is a sacred place to me so it deserves its own altar. I change the artwork, the candles, the gems. But everytime I began a creative session, I set an intention and clear myself, my space and my stuff with Sage. It is in serious need of decluttering, however. It will help me determine what I currently need and don’t need anymore, I love that this is an everchanging special space in my Studio.


I am so enjoying Micki Wilde’s latest online class, A Hermit's Compendium of Imaginary Creatures and had so much fun staining paper to make my own journal (she uses a Derwent one but it is impossible to find here so I decided that I would pair her class with my itch to make my own journals again. There you go, stupid Gremlins ! ;)).

Speaking of class, I told you how good timed Mindy Lacefield’s class, Primitive Portraits (you guys, I am so beyond words to call these two ladies close friends despite the geography). It inspires a new series I will share with you next week, called Beyond The Obvious.


It’s a FLASH sale !

Happy Monday my friends !


I wanted to have a short but sweet sale, so enter FEVER at checkout to receive 40%off all your prints. You’ve read right: 40% off.

I will soon be retiring a lot of the prints you currently see in the shop so now is your time if there is one (or several) you had your eyes on ;)

Head in the shop.


Sharing the Love #3

One thing that makes me really happy is sharing the love about what makes me happy. So I am planning on making this a regular series on the blog…


Sometimes, I need to get out of my comfort zone. This new class will make your imagination run wild ! Each of Micki’s previous class brought a new positive twist in my creativity.

Speaking of twist in my creativity, I am forever grateful for the goodness that happens in these classes. The people gathering with open minds to learn new ways of making art and expanding our toolbox. I am simply amazed at what is shared already, and the class only began two weeks ago. I see a new series in the work…

I am no vegan (I gave up meat at the beginning of the year though) but the food I eat is something I watch very closely and a vegan diet holds a lot of goodness. And because I am easily bored, even in my kitchen, I love trying different things I am obsessed by this blog (and her recently released cookbook).
For Koala's birthday, I made a vegan vanilla cake that blew our mind. Easy peasy, no weird ingredients and so delicious tasting. I used a recipe from this book. (I discovered her when she won, with her vegan cupcakes, the tv show Cupcake Wars»)

How do you process your feelings ? I write (when I let my Censor out the door of my mind) and I mostly use my Art Journal… You can watch me create, from start to finish, a simple art journal spread on a really hard day emotionally.

At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself: Let the Magic back in. Accept who you are. Own it. And Athena’s magical shop has been a huge help in that new step.

Art takes many forms. It’s no secret I am obsessional. And I love tattoos. I have my consultation appointment late june to plan my next tattoo and as impatient as I am, I am glad I did not fall into booking another artist just to get it done faster. Everything comes when it is the perfect timing. I just had an instant artist crush on her line work and color and everything. She is amazing.

What are you currently digging ? share in the comments, I’d love to discover it.

Note: A few of the links I shared are affiliates, it means I receive a small commission when you purchase from that online store.


new {Art Journaling In Motion} video | I Surrender…

… to Darkness.

Life is made of bright and dark. And I made a promise to myself to never let the dark experiences and feelings take over me for too long anymore.

How do I process them ? I acknowledge, first, that yes they are here, because I learned the hard way that ignoring them only makes it worst.
Then, I find a way to let them go. It sounds easier than it actually is for me, to be honest. But this is when my art journal comes as a life saver, for my sanity and for the well-being of those who live with me.


Here is the video for you to enjoy:

Remember to turn the HD ;)


Here is the list of the supplies I used for this spread:

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