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NolwennPetitboisI am a young woman born and raised in France during more than 23 years before becoming an expatriate with a husband and two young daughters, in Vancouver (Canada). As I know it is not necessarily easy to figure out how to pronounce my first name, please click here and listen. I hope it helps.
I was a very creative child but put it aside during teenagehood. I am an avid journaler, I’ve written diaries since I’m 7 or so and writing is really something I need to free my Soul. I realized that the emotions and events are often better on paper than consuming me from the inside.

I discovered Creative Journaling in 2008 when I was suggested a book by Anne-Marie Jobin (art-therapist from Québec, who is a huge journaler and help people through combining drawing & writing. It’s slightly different that pure “art journaling” as it’s a powerful healing tool, where the “art” part has no aim to be pretty or elaborate). I then wanted to know and discover more about it, I ended up browsing YouTube where I found Suzi Blu and Samantha Kira. It changed everything. No coming back possible.

Art Journaling helped me discovering I am an artist, and I have messages to tell through it; so I also started painting outside the journal and fell into the Mixed Media universe.
But I as I am becoming more and more comfortable with my style and my techniques, I use less and less different media in my artworks. My favourite ones to play with are acrylic paints (fluid and thicker) and oil pastels. I almost always include stencils, too.

I am learning several techniques of book binding and I have to confess that making my own journals is kind of addictive. It makes my heart sing.

I also want to help people through art, even if I still don’t know exactly how at the moment. I know the Power of gratitude and try to help and inspire people thanks to it (that’s why I started my weekly ritual called Gratitude Friday, where I invite people to join and share what they are thankful for each week. A lot of people come to me saying it helps them seeing the bright side of their life and that is changes everything. I am nurturing some projects in this way 🙂

I decided that 2011 will be the turning point for me. I want to get out of my creative closet and share my messages with the World. Finally accepting the Me that I am and showing it.

My first passion was cooking, which almost became my professional path. Cooking is one of the other way for me to stay creative. I also enjoy reading (a lot, books are my other escape), tv shows, photography, playing with my girls and a lot more.

Some random facts about me I am a recovering Nutella addict. I wanted to be a trapezist in a circus when I was 7. I am fascinated by the human mind and call Freud «Papa» as a private joke with my bestie. I believe in past lives and karma.  I often dream I am flying, gliding through the air like an eagle. When I sing I see myself on a stage, but don’t want it to actually happen. I was raised Catholic but I am now a Pagan-ish. The death of a dear one when I was 9 shaped my life and who I am right now. I often wonder if I used to be OCD. I loooooove food and cooking.

Here is the video I filmed to answer some really cool questions about who I am and my creative process (from December 2013):

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