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Do I really have to let them go ?

I am attached to every single one of my paintings this year. But there are some that I just can’t seem to let go and propose to you.

This is the case of Antonia, that I recently shared with you here. And this Nixie too, that has no name for now (she will share it with me later, I am not afraid).


It all began with a piece of round hardboard I found in my stash of stuff. Yes, I do rediscover things I had no idea where there… I covered it with scrapbook papers and tissue papers. I love adding crackle medium (I use the one from Kroma, which is local from here in Vancouver but can be found worldwide now). Once dry, I then I cleaned my palette from another painting on it, and it looked like this:


I really really wanted to use the technique taught by the amazing Mindy Lacefield in one of her online class, it became this (can you tell that at this point, I wass all lovey-dovey and could have easily left it like it was ? yes.):


I wish a picture could convey the amazingness that this step brought to the all thing. I ran my fingers over it, again and again (I am weird like that), finding the crevasses, the bumps of my signature texture that I created all around on the border, the cracks from the crackle media…

I sketched a little something I wanted to paint for my daughter’s room (it involves a unicorn, kind of) but for some reason I don’t know, it is not what appeared.

I am taking Willowing (Tam Laporte)’s class, LifeBook 2014, and this week is a lesson by another of my Kindred: Danielle Daniel. It inspired me so much that I decided to use this beautiful background instead of my journal.

I know she is FAR from being perfect, but I don’t mind. It does not bother me at all, in fact.



Under The Shower


Under the shower I cleanse myself.
Under the shower I wash the pain away.
Under the shower I pray.
Under the shower I relax the soreness.
Under the shower I see myself differently.
Under the shower I learn to be gentle.
Under the shower I get my most amazing ideas.
Under the shower I release what does not serve me anymore.
Under the shower I let go of the Past.
Under the shower I envision the Future.
Under the shower I savour the Present.

Using repetitive prompts helps me to grab the essential without overthinking it. This blogpost came to me… well, under the shower. the sentences began to flow, one after the other, and I decided to share because maybe it will inspire you.

When do your best idea come from ? Is there a pattern you have noticed (for example, my husband and I have our best conversations while in the car…) ?


Marietta & Antonia, the newest Nixies in my «Beyond the Obvious» series.

Meet Marietta, she is joining the Beyond The Obvious family. She told me so many things about her story… I wonder what you feel and see when you look at her (please, share: I would love love to know).


To learn more about this new series, check this blogpost.


Marietta is looking for a new home, and is available in my Etsy shop.

And then there is Antonia… there is something about her I can’t really pinpoint, I can’t let her go (maybe later ?). She speaks directly to both my Heart and my Soul.



Sharing the Love *Edition #4*

Welcome in this week’s linky love blogpost :) I would love to receive some feedback: do my links strike a chord with you ? are you finding them interesting ? tell me.


Today I am on day #7 of a flare-up. I am careful about what I eat and drink, I spray everyday twice with a mix of essential oils but still. Samie Harding shared this visual on her tumblr that gives a very good idea of what it is to live with fibromyalgia daily.

I am a visual learner and this is partly why I love YouTube in general. I just came accross this channel who has plenty of videos about book binding. I will soon try Coptic Binding thanks to her tutorial.

Athena and Pixie are doing it again ! Can’t wait to create my own Water Wheel.

It changes how I do my business a few years back and Kelly Rae is having her yearly sale. You know you want/need The Whole Shabang !

I don’t believe in coincidences. like at all. I have had this book since last year and recently, Sacred Contracts have been mentioned around me almost everyday. I guess it’s time for me to finally dive in.

I am downloading the new Etsy app, especially made for us sellers, on my iPad as I type those words.

I have, with hundreds or more other people, been waiting for about a year to see it back on the shelves at Trader Joe’s. The Soy-chorizo is back baby ! My favorite way to eat it is slightly cooked and in a salad with steamed lentils and lots of veggies, and a tad bit of vegenaise+Dijon mustard. Yum !

In case you missed it, from me: new series of portraits called Beyond The Obvious,

Note: A few of the links I shared are affiliates, it means I receive a small commission when you purchase from that online store.


Revealing my new series of mixed media paintings: Beyond The Obvious

I love that my closest friends, who I call kindly my KindredSisters, are creative in a way or another. I love bouncing ideas and being inspired by them.

I am currently taking Mindy Lacefield’s Primitive Portrait class, as you may know already. She inspired this series of paintings. In this class, Mindy insists on the fact that less is more and this was perfect timing for me to explore a new way to do my faces, to go deeper into what they express and what I want them to convey. I am finally comfortable in how I paint them, which is huge for me. Huge.


While talking to another of my dear Kindred, Micki (aka The Secret Hermit), I decided to try to see a new mean of how I organize my focus (gosh, not sure this makes sense, I apologize in advance for this fibro flare-up induced blogpost). I have plenty of ideas regarding what I want to paint, but my attention span is low and so is my excitement about a project. So I will now try to determine a time length I want to dedicate to a specific series, share it, release it to the world as I am doing now, and then let it go to start something else. Beyond the Obvious is my April series, maybe a tad bit longer than that but not more than after the first week of May. It does not mean I won’t do other paintings in that style afterwards.

You know my Nixies all have a story to share, but I want to leave it open to each of you: what does they tell you ? What do you feel when you look at them ? I won’t share the stories I have heard while painting them, just their names.

Plus, you can see that there is no two like the other and it makes me so very happy because they still appeared intuitively and I did not try to fix them.

I will add more along the way but here are the first 8. They are all available in my Etsy shop. Click on each Nixie directly to be redirected to her Etsy page. (note: prints will be made available once the original painting has a new home).

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