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«Happy», new painting + {Painting In Motion} video

Cultivate the Happy is something I really want to focus on from now on. It may seem obvious to some but this is new to me. Because of the person I used to be, and the fact that some patterns are very sticky and tend to come back now and then (especially when you don’t want to, you know).


AVAILABLE: original painting for sale in the shop (prints will be made once the original has a new home)

I do believe that Happiness is a matter of everyday choices, the sum of them.

This Sprixie is well aware of the abundance of Chaos around, and sometimes inside himself too, but decided to be Happy anyway. Some people call him naïve, but he does not care because this is not his Truth and he knows better than caring too much for what they think and say about him anyway.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video:

Here are some close-ups:



What I want

My husband and my older daughter are both very indecisive person. It can be quite annoying when they are unable to make a decision about simple things.
On the contrary, I am one who usually knows pretty well what I want, and my main is issue is finding the ways to get there *frustration is here again*.

As I type those words I am listening to Tam (aka Willowing) and Claudine Helmuth, they did an interview for Life Book. And it helps me to redefine what I want. Claudine suggests to start by making a list of what you love, and the reason(s) why. But for today, I really need to make a clear list of what I want, and doing it here for your eyes will help me feel accountable.

On this day,

  • I want to Cultivate the Happy (if you’re interested, I’ll write a more detailed blogpost about what this means to me).
  • I want surround myself with Joy.
  • I want touch people with my art and its messages.
  • I want record, write and put my first online class, Soul Songs, together so it is available at the beginning of Spring this year.
  • I want sell more original paintings than prints of it.
  • I want to tell my stories. In any way that comes to me.
  • I want to spend more quality time with my girls.
  • I want to get this forearm tattoo designed and inked so badly.
  • I want to instore date nights in our schedule, so we can spend time as a couple, not just parents.
  • I want to create create create. To expand the area of what I think I can do.
  • I want to live in the Light.
  • I want to learn again the power of gemstones. of plants. and use them.
  • I want to be part of a Design Team for a brand I love, and showcase what I do with their products.
  • I want to have the funds for signing up to Athena’s (aka The Sage Goddess) Pentacle membership.
  • I want to send a package to Somerset Studio in hope to be published.
  • I want to find my way back into loving my body for what it is (lost 10kgs/22lbs) in the past year, but still have 7kg/15 lbs more to go).
  • I want to see Mindy Lacefield, Danielle Daniel and Lynda to hug them and spend time with them. And Valeri. And not forgetting my oversea friend Micki Wilde *I’ll come to you, my Hermit friend*
  • I want to keep doing my Project Life album. To document what are everyday life looks like, the good and the bad. I want to do an album just about me, too. So my kids will know who I am/was.
  • I want to surround myself with positivity, even if the Darkness that inhabits me sometimes has its use, too.
  • I want to plan our trip back to France next year to celebrate milestones.
  • I want purple hair. Maybe do some braids again.
  • I want to learn the ukulele and keyboard.
  • I want to be Happy.


(me this morning, wearing my Sunflower hat from Plants vs Zombie, under the snow)


Mixed Media painting «Magic Makers» | new {Painting In Motion} video

I am SO happy to have a new video for you this week. I hope to finally be back on my week video schedule (with some twists and turns here and there).


This painting was actually by our February project over Wild Surrender, my darling Mindy Lacefield’s 6-month long class. Our theme is sailing :) I also was inspired by talks I had recently with young adult books author Heidi R. Kling about Mermaids (anyone out there watched the show H2O and its sequel-ish Mako Mermaids ? yup).

I wanted to keep their faces and features simple, as if the child I was drew them *I thought I should share that fact before you think it actually was from one of my girl*.

One belongs to the Land, one belongs to the Sea, but together they are Magic makers.

WATCH IN hd ;)

If you want a list of the art supplies I used, please just ask and I will create one that I’ll add as I usually do (I did not, for once, to be sure this blogpost will be ready as planned).

Here are some closer shots:




NOTE: this painting is looking for a new home :) You can find it in the shop.


My current obsessions

This is no secret that I am the kind of person who is easily obsessed (If I discover a singer I love, I will seek for his/her songs and listen to them over and over until I can’t take it anymore. I can make myself the same lunch for days straight if it makes me happy etc etc etc.). It is usually fun and I know this is how I work, but it sometimes can be frustrating as well (like right now with my next tattoo that I have the general ideas and details but can’t seem to figure out how to bring together…).


And you know I am a list maker… so this is it, my current obsessions right now:

  • Mermaids. Unicorns. Rainbows.
  • Mixing vegenaise (vegan mayo) with sriracha sauce as the base of my lunch’s sandwiches.
  • My next tattoo. It will be located inside my right forearm (you should see it on my videos ahah), it is a feather with a watercolor splatters effect and some of my favorite symbols. And my mantra «Let the Stories unfold».
  • Putting together our guest room so it’s ready when my Mom arrives in a few weeks.
  • Decluttering my Teal Studio. I am making grab bags of the supplies I am not using, will head to the shop.
  • Oil pastels.
  • Sketching creatures and new Nixies.
  • Losing weight, I’m getting there. It’s in the everyday choices.
  • Sara Bareilles’ latest album, The Blessed Unrest. So inspiring !
  • Meatless option so I don’t fall into frustration.
  • The almond dates smoothie I made the other morning *I slightly adaptated from this recipe*.

I’d love to know… what are your currently obsessed with ? (can be only one thing ahah)


Mixed Media Valentine’s card for LSG | new video

Hey guys !

Today I am sharing a new video tutorial over Lindy Stamp Gang.

I got inspired by Valentine’s day approaching and my commitment to show the people I love how I care about them. Because after all, I refuse to see this day as focused only on sentimental love.

Head over the LSG blog, to read my step by step.

Here is my video:

I hope you enjoyed :)

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