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WishCasting Wednesday: what do you wish to be gentle with ?

It's Wednesday Sweetie Pies, it means that we can spend some time in ourselves and open up to the Universe to send our Wish.

This week, Jamie has another really good prompt (and as you may have noticed, my blog is bilingual French & English, and this week was really hard to translate as "gentle" has many different meanings in English).

The first thing that came on my mind with " I wish to be gentle with myself" and generally I stick to my first thought about the prompts, so this is also what I do now.

I wish to be more gentle with myself because I realize that I tend to push too hard on what I should be and should do and that eventually my level of expectetion about myself is really really high. And besides, it has the tendency to become the same toward the others (I expect a lot frome them).

I don't want to be this woman that is never satisfied and always complaining about everything; and I'm proud to be the positive side of almost everything (even if I stay Human and have my down moments when the Gremlins Voices in my head take the power and the control over everything else).

But I really need to be more gentle with myself and accept that failure happens, it does not necessarily mean that I'm weak. Taking more time to do something is not as bad as it seems at first sight.

As always, Acceptance is the Key to my Peace of mind :-)


Interested in a Newsletter anyone ?

Heya !

How are you doing ?

I have this thought that comes back regularly on my mind... What about a Pulsion of Life newsletter ?

Would you be interested in signing up for it ?
What frequence of sending would you prefer, once a month ?
What would you love to read from me in a Newsletter ?

Tell me everything :D


Gratitude Friday 04/09/2010, Thanks for Everything

Hello Everybody !

How was your week ?

It is Friday again and as my Trollettes do not have preschool it is my day off at work. I work late so it's hard to do as I usually do with the blog, I'm sorry.

I'm thankful for this job opportunity that knocked on my door and now see all the windows that it open in front of me regarding my own personal projects.

But yes, I won't lie, I feel sometimes frustrated because I don't have as much time as I used to have and it wouln't be funny if my Creative Flow was cooperative: it's on top when I can't put the paint out of the tubes !
So I write down ideas as they come and as soon as can I create. That is why I currently have some project on hold in the same time.

With my husband, we agreed that I'll be able to use a part of my first paycheck to buy me something for me... and it's done. I finally entered a shop located a few blocks away from our home, I pass by everyday but never came in (luckily for my bank account !). They sell a great amount of Papaya Art products (such as large and small journals, cards and... giclee prints ! I was dying to buy one but the shipping fees to Canada on their website is so expensive that I couldn't afford any order). I'll ask Cheridoo to hang it in the living room... as a reminder I can see everytime.
I wink at my Soul-Sister Sophie ;-)

I already know what I'll buy next. :-D

So I give a big THANK YOU to the Universe because everything goes smoothly in my life. Cheridoo will finally work for its dream company in a few weeks. I have a job I enjoy. My Trollettes are okay with all these changes. I'm sure that we'll soon find the home of our dreams to rent (the real-estate prices are still going up, it's totally freaking me out :() I'm losing wait and feel better in my body and I know that I'll reach my goal, no matter how long it will take.

I send you a load of positive vibes; I want to share my Happiness.



Wishcasting Wednesday: How do you wish to bloom ?

Hello Hello !

How are you today ?

"How do you wish to bloom ?" asks Jamie this week.

The first thing that came in my mind was "Proudly". I wish to bloom proudly.
Because I tend to be ashamed of what I desire, fearing of asking too much, too big, of not deserving good things to happen to me.

I don't know yet why I feel this way, maybe it's just a matter of Trust (yes, again) but I believe it's deeper than this. I have to explore it, to dig deep and so I'll be able to pull it off of the mud that my Soul can sometimes be.

I want to become this tree trunck that won't bend because of a light breeze but will stay strong no matter what, like bamboo: flexible but strong.

I have to work on Pride, the positive side of this feeling, the one assimilated with Dignity.

And you, how do you wish to bloom ?


Ask me anything you want

Hello !

I hope the Easter Bunnies did not forget you but that you did not eat everything yet ;)

A quick message to let you know that I created a FormSpring account in order to give you the possibility to ask me anything you want. Don't be shy.
You can sign up, ask anonymously or just write me your name so I know it's you. It's up to you !

Here is it:

I'll answer with a real pleasure.

Take care, and I'll be back soon ;)

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