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What do you wish for 2010 ? My WishBoard

2010 is finally there, I wish you an ansome wonderful year ahead, may all your biggest and deepest dreams come true. It's the beginning of a new decade, I can't believe it !

May 2010 be filled with Stars in the eyes, Magic, Unconditionnal Love, Friendship, Laugh, Joy, Creativity and whatever you want your life to be. You deserve it.

Yesterday was the second Full Moon of December 2009, yes we had two full moons in the same month, what a better thing to end a year, really ?

It was the perfect time to introspect, and dig deep to define what we want our life to be, what we want the Universe to bring to us during the year to come. Not so easy to feel and think "no, it's not too big for me". We were taught to wish only for things affordable, that seems right. But what if we dare to dream big, this house you always wanted, this person you dream to be is already here, inside of you, silently waiting to be pulled out the inside.

I made this WishBoard in a circle, inspired by Anik "creative wheel".

Jamie asked us last wednesday what do we wish for 2010 ?

I wish to become the real me, the one I know I am inside, I wish to dare to show this me to the World.
I also wish to dare write my book and find an editor to publish it; it's hard because I am SO afraid of failure.
I wish to live some awsome friendship moments, and much more time with my SoulMate.
2010 is a huge year for me: I'll turn 25 and we will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary !
I wish to let my creative spirit expend its wings and take the flight.
I wish we finally have the money and the opportunity to buy our first home, to settle in a place of our own. Somewhere we'll be able to receive family and friend, somewhere we'll have enough place to all let our souls do what they're passionate about. A place we'll be able to call "our home".

2010 will be a good colourful year.

Here is a short video featuring the WishBoards I created in 2009 :)

2009 retrospective in WishBoards from Nolwenn Petitbois on Vimeo.


2009 restrospective… Thank you, 2009 !

2010 is finally at the corner, the big day is really close. It is full of Hopes and new things that are gently waiting to be built up.

Personally, this year knew some deceptions and some pains and I don't forget all the doubts and the wonderings. But it was also plenty of discovery and love, and for me this is priceless.

2009 is the year of our arrival in Vancouver (Canada), the realisation of a long big dream finally becoming real.
2009 is the year I decided that I want to be an artist.
2009 is the year of a friendship becoming really strong with my friend Isa.
2009 is the year of cheering my Soul-sister Paola through a painful event, and I admire & love her so much.
2009 was full of "first times".
2009 is the beginning of new friendships. And a lot of afternoons spent in Nath's kitchen to bake.
2009 gave birth to Gratitude Friday, here on this blog.
2009 is the year I started to WishCast every wednesday or so, thanks to Jamie.
2009 is the year my friend Aliénor introduced me to Alice Kara.
2009 is the year my grandma was finally relieved and went away, I'm happy for her because she was happy when it happened and I know she's with her daughter (my aunt mentionned later in this post) now.
2009 is the year when both my daughters attend a francophone Montessori structure, they discover and learn a lot.
2009 is the year I realized I am not an E.T. but just a person with some gifts, and it's the year I accepted to love who I am. So it's the year of "weird" experience, like the creepy "hello" of my aunt.

I wish 2009 was a beautiful year for you, despite the negativity it surely contained. But take this negative points to see all the positivity that comes along. One can't really go without the other.

HAPPY 2010, Lovelies !!!


She's just a sad sad girl… Let the Past behind

Lately, I've been listening a lot to Hana Pestle songs. I discovered her in my Twilight saga obsession phase, I don't remember how but I listened to her song "Need" on YouTube, she wanted it to be on the New Moon movie soundtrack but didn't get it eventually.

The song "The Red Death Ball" makes me think of the novel "Carrie" by Stephen King.
When I was a teenager, I read a lot of his books and loved this one, I love the power he gives to women, they're abused by men but are still strong and full of will to get the negativity out of their lives.

Hana Pestle reminds me a lot of Evanescence, a group that I use to listen everyday, all day long. In 2003. She's produced by Ben Moody, the guy who founded Evanescence with the lead singer Amy Lee... so no coincidence I guess.
It's the kind of songs I was litterally drowning into. But today, even if I still like them, I don't let myself being immerged in the sadness it brings. I aknowledge myself for this huge step I made.

It's easy to let the Past come and swallow you, your emotions take control and it's the end... But you can decide the Past is the Past, you can't change it so stop to focus on it. It does influence the person you are now, but you still have the power to become who you really want to be.



Gratitude Friday, 12/25/2009

Merry Christmas !

I must confess, I planned the publication of this article, right now I might be busy discovering if Santa Claus thought of us and help my daughters open their gifts, taking pictures for the family who is far far away and enjoy the moment.

I hope your Christmas Eve was wonderful and filled with Joy. Ours is tonight (it's 10:20am as I am writing this), it will be just the four of us. My husband will be on vacatin from tonight until the beginning of January, I wish he would be home today but still...

I try not being sad, really hard.

I may update this note later on today :)

This week, I am thankful for..:

The Love the fill my heart everyday, and comes from different sources. The greater one is my Lover one.
Hana Pestle songs, that create beautiful images in my head and make me want to pull them out and create.
The painting time with my daughters. They seem to have enjoyed it.
I started to read the book Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater and it seems really really good (I'm just at the very beginning of it).
No rain, no snow. A beautiful shiny sun instead.


Where did my Heart go ?

Creativity is like a big wave: sometimes you're on top of it and ideas flow in you mind, so much that it is hard to build them all concretely, so you better keep a note of these ideas somewhere, especially for time when your creativity seems to have take a vacation from you and nothing is going the way you'd like...

Currently, my creativity is on the ascendent side so I write my ideas and create as much as possible.

As you may know, I'm searching my own style... and I finally begin to have a clearer idea. My mum says it's "naive" but I don't think so. Yes, the drawings are "simple", just because I'm not a drawer.

I discover that I really enjoy (need) to use more than only one medium in each artwork. I love acrylic paint but I prefere when it's mixed with something else, like stamping (I looooooooove stamps, sometimes too much), I love using Neocolors II also, and sometimes collage (I really need to learn how to incorporate them into an artwork, because when I do it, it gives something that is not consistent).

My Universe is like me: full of paradoxes. I love bright colors but dark themes. My dual personality is shown in what I create and finally, I like that. Art is a way to be fully myself, no matter what.

I would love to know how to paint with textures and abstract stuff... But one thing at the time. I may learn at Emily Carr (the design & art institute here in Vancouver) where I attend the "certificate program" until mid-2012.

I love how this artwork turned out. At first, i only had in my the round-headed character... the rest followed.

It's not complete, I may add stuff in the sky :)

My husband likes it so much that he asked me to create him a big piece inspired by this one (it's in progress at the moment I write this). I'll show you if you want :)

Don't be ashamed of your style, don't be afraid of explore all the things you like and that inspire you, to go deep inside yourself to find what moves you. It may seem gore or too fluffy but if it is what calls you, go for it without thinking of what others might think. Just listen to YOUR voice :)

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