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My Full Pink Moon WishBoard, 2010

Here is a new cycle that is coming... it makes me think of SIA's song in which she affirms "It has to end to begin". It makes me realize that everything is a matter of Endings and Beginnings...

It's like the Duality that lies within everything (you know the usual stuff: the light wouldn't exist without the darkness, the summer without the winter... you couldn't enjoy a "good" meal if you didn't know what tastes you don't like, etc.).

I notice that we should always keep this fact somewhere in our mind, just not to forget that if today is kind of bad, tomorrow will be better (oh, makes me think of another song by SIA. Yes, I listen to her a lot lately !).

I am a lot SURPRISED with what came out for this Full Pink Moon... I still don't have any magazines left (I need to set up a budget for new ones soon). So I decided to paint it.
I had a general idea of what I wanted, but it does not look like what I thought... at all !!!

I'm surprised of all these bright colours (people who know me for quite long may be surprised too, as I'm used to black and really dark tones). I am using more and more colours and must confess that I enjoy it so so much.

I draw dandelions, that represent WishCasting and dreams coming true eventually.
I am feeling truly blessed this time and want to hold this feeling tight.
This desire of connecting with people and weaving a web is coming back...
Gratitude is still important (I do my Gratitude Friday here every week. Don't be shy and come to share with us ! I'll be so pleased to read your own Gratitude Friday. To know more about it, it's there).

I am not affraid anymore to go outside my comfort zone. And to be honest, it's important to me to explore what usually scares me or intimidates me.

I have the sensation of being at the Dawn of a new era of my life. It may be sometimes difficults but I'm sure that at the end, everything will be alright.

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Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to invest in ?

In this week prompt, Jamie precises that we can see it two ways: financially or otherwise. What do you wish to invest in ?

For me, it will be both financially AND otherwise.

For about two weeks now, I think a lot about creating my own "business" regarding my art and what I love to do, guiding people who wants to. It's something I already had in mind, but the Universe put some HUGE signs on my way lately. I just cannot ignore them.

I wish to invest in my Dream to become a guide, a healer, an artist. A mix of all these.

It means I'll have to invest money, for marketing, for supply, later for an office (kinda).
I started concretely yesterday, by signing in for Kelly Rae Roberts first online workshop: Flying Lessons. I invite you to check it out if you're like me: wanting to make a living from your passion, avoiding current mistakes and learning some useful basis.

I know I can do it, I have a total faith in this project even if at this time, it is still a little bit blurry, the clouds are being pulled away one after the other.
It's the right time for me to seriously think about it and take things in hands. And I am not in a rush, I want to do it right and properly.

I wish to invest time, and Love, and courage for the achievement of this dream project.


Gratitude Friday April 23rd 2010, All things come…

... to him who waits.

Yes I know, we use and abuse this idiom but this week, it took all its meaning for me.

How was your week ? I hope you kept going despite the rocks you may have encounter.

It's like all of a sudden, everything that was blocking us cleared by magic !

We often hear and talk about Murphy's Law affirming that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong (and if we emphatize, if one thing goes wrong, the rest will follow and go wrong too).
But what do we never hear about its contrary tendency (does this potential law have a name ? Law of Attraction maybe ? hmmm have to think about it): one thing goes well, and then everything go as well. I'm pretty sure you can, with a little bit of concentration, find a concrete example in your life when this "Law of the Positive" (argh, I should find a better name) happened to you. Isn't it magical ???

This week, I want to thank all this magical positivity arriving right on needed time for my family, as to put us on track again, telling us that with patience and perseverance, everything can happen as we wish it to be (or better).

Thanks for this new job my Cheridoo started last monday. New job he waited for 6 months-ish. I see him blossoming; he's happy to get up in the morning to go to work. It's the first time in more thant six years. He's at least appreciated for his worth and competences, and I'm proud of him. He is were is has to be.

Thanks for the new home we got after accusing a "no" at the beginning of the week. We'll live in a bigger place, that will suite our needs better even if I kind of fear living this area we are now, that I love so much. We have to make choices, and this is one.

Thank you to Art Journaling that bring my daughters and I closer. It's now something we share together. Grenouille, my older daughter, loved watching me create in mine; now she has her own and her sister too. We work in it about 30 minutes a day.
They really enjoy having a space just for her, to do whatever they want: collage, drawing, cutting... for the moment, their favourite thing is watercolour paint (the cheap Crayola one is awesome !).

I'm thankful for having my Cheridoo, Paola & the two Sophie, thankful they are who they are, thankful they play a huge part in my Universe.

I'm grateful for all the persons that come here to read what I need/want to share with the World, and for the effort made to encourage me with comments. I'm deeply blessed by all this kindness.

Thank you for the questions asked on my FormSpring, I really likee reading and answering it (you may have noticed the widget I put in the right sidebar, it's easier for you so don't be shy :)).

I'm so thankful that Linda Joy Myers wrote a book about The Power of Memoir. It helps me deeply to organize my writing, to understand things and to trust the process. It came right when I needed structure and advices.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.



She dares chasing for her Dream.

I talked briefly about it in yesterday's Wishcasting Wednesday article.
I recently finished an artwork I REALLY like. I know it may not please everybody, but I don't care now, because it's what my Soul wanted me to create and I went for it without hesitation (or almost).

I told you that its title came while I was writing my wish: daring chasing for my Dream no matter what people think, no matter what my Gremlins told me, no matter what I may fear.

How many times did you think that you were too dreamy ? that you were dreaming too big ? that you were not worthy for achieving this particular dream you had ? that is was too big for you but not for someone else ?

AND how many times somebody (a friend ? a family member ? a teacher ? a boss ?... the list is endless) that you will never succeed making a living from this passion, that it was too time consuming, that it was a waste of time, or whatever negative talk possible ?

I'd like just to remind you that YOU ARE WORTHY (oh I typed "your art worthy, oops ;)). It is never too late; you can achieve your dream at any age.

I am nearly 25. I really started created like... 5 years ago. And just for fun because I wanted to paint something to decorate our appartment, and then the passion grew bigger and bigger.
When I look at this artwork, I think "I found my Voice & my Style". And it reminds me that yes, I am a dreamer, but I'm not the only one (heehee) and that it's never too late to dream big. And that it's not because it's not conventional that it worths less than somebody else's artwork.

Of course, I'd love to sell my artwork and to make someone else's heart sing with it... I'd lie saying I don't care about this point.

Do you chase for your Dream(s) ? What blocks you to do so, if not ?
Take some time to think about it...

And here is the whole artwork (it's measures 16x20 inches) (the photo is not good, I'll ask my husband to take a better one asap):

NOTE: I hesitate drawing her a mouth or not... if I do, it'll be a "stiched" mouth, not a "real" mouth. I like what my Husband told me "does she not have a mouth because everything happens in her own mind ??" ;)


Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to dare ?

Hello Sweetie Pies !

Today, we are taking risks thanks to Jamie !

What do you wish to DARE ?

I wish to finally dare chasing after my dreams, I wish to dare following what my Heart sings in my ears and stopping being affraid of showing who I am.

I wish to dare achieving my craziest dreams, my Personal Legend as Paulo Coelho would say; as I am currently seeing more and more clearly what mine is about.
And the whole Universe is currently conspiring to my success, It opens my eyes wider and wider. And so do my Heart and my Soul.

I am here to help you reconnect with yourself through your creativity. And I'll soon find how to do that, so stay tune :)

I refuse to continue being held by what others might think of my Dreams, what their judgement regarding it may be. Because I have to find my Voice, listen to it closely and never doubt it. Never.

And you, what do you wish to dare ?

Note: the full image of my latest finished artwork is coming in a blogpost ;) I found the perfect title while writing this, it came into place when it had to (I was looking for the "journaling" part of it for days, to be honest).

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