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new {Art Journaling In Motion} video | I Surrender…

… to Darkness.

Life is made of bright and dark. And I made a promise to myself to never let the dark experiences and feelings take over me for too long anymore.

How do I process them ? I acknowledge, first, that yes they are here, because I learned the hard way that ignoring them only makes it worst.
Then, I find a way to let them go. It sounds easier than it actually is for me, to be honest. But this is when my art journal comes as a life saver, for my sanity and for the well-being of those who live with me.


Here is the video for you to enjoy:

Remember to turn the HD ;)


Here is the list of the supplies I used for this spread:


What being in a creative funk teaches me

I can’t deny it anymore: my creative well is not empty but inspiration has not been my best friend lately…

I guess we all experience the «creative funk» once in a while. I want to create but nothing comes as I want it to. Or I simply stare at my surface and don’t know anymore what to do.
Being an intuitive artist, my sketches never end up as they are once I decide to make a painting out of it. Planning a painting is really not my thing (it used to, though, when I started my mixed media journey in 2008). Do you, too, sometimes wish that your process is different than what it is ? I surely do, and sometimes  try to change it up. Sometimes it works, but most of my attempts finish as big failure. I can’t help but go with the flow once I start.

So what do I do ? I stop comparing my path with my fellow artist friends’. I decided to take the advice «change up the medium you use and see what happens» and started a clay figurine (thanks to Mystele’s lesson in our Soul Food Class) that I still have to finish. I play more in my art journal. I stop having expectations about what I should and should not create. It’s okay to use art to process negative feelings, it does not have to be colorful and bubbly all the time. I create projects following classes I love (I highly recommend Mindy Lacefield’s and Micki Wilde’s)

I  decided to tackle my fear and I am starting again a project I had almost finished last year. But… it did not feel right so I am starting over, which feels amazing. And it changes my process a bit as I start each painting with an intention in mind, a theme, and then I surrender to whatever decides to come on the canvas.

I sketch. I practice my faces a lot lot lot. I am finally at a place where I am comfortable with how I do them and what they convey. This was part of my biggest struggle last year.

Right now, I won’t lie to you, I am torn. I know I have to continue painting and exploring and sharing. I just can’t stop. I am not a quitter. I don’t know which way to go in my creative career. I wanna touch more people. My shop is not doing well.

Here are a few lessons learned from periods of creative funk:

  • When something is not working, shift your focus onto something else
  • Creativity has many many faces
  • It’s okay to have a change in the dreams I want to work on.
  • Marketing can be heartful and spiritual. I have to figure it out. And make it work for me.
  • Create something everyday, it does not have to be a finished piece. Keep your hands moving.
  • Beating myself up does no good.
  • Looking for inspiration can result in an inspiration overload, so be careful with that.

What do you do when you feel like nothing you create is good and inspiration seems to have gone on vacay without you ? Would love to know how you deal with it :)


I’m in the latest Sprout magazine issue, Revive.

This year, my guiding word is EXPAND. And it reminds me to keep my heart and my mind wide open. I know opportunities are all around.

I am so blessed to have my art in the latest issue of the ezine Sprout, orchestred by the amazing Amanda Fall. I also am in her beautiful Community Garden, answering some questions.

Get your issue and more info right here: click.


New mixed media paintings in the shop

Hey guys !

I know not all of you are on social media and thought I would share some new paintings that I listed in the shop recently (click on the image to be redirected on its Etsy page. Easy Peasy).



New play in my art journal

I am going back to it more and more. After more sketching in dedicated sketchbooks, I am now playing again in my art journals (I have two in which I paint at the moment).




(you can watch me create this spread from start to finish on my Youtube channel)

Are you an art journaler too ?

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