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Gratitude Friday, thank you fresh air

Welcome on a new edition of my weekly ritual, Gratitude Friday (if you are not familiar with it, please go read how it came up and what it is about).


It’s Friday *dancing around* ! I hope your week was sweet like honey, spicy like cinnamon and tangy like fresh lemon.

Rough at heart, rough in my heart , it put me deep in the Dark. But let not focus on that but on the positive side of it. Because there is always a light shining somewhere within all of it. always.

This week, I am thankful for:

  • Community Grace
  • Magical Sabbatical
  • Sisterhood
  • Grimm, Parenthood, Brothers & Sisters, Gilmore Girls, Finding Carter
  • The people signing up for Soul Deck.
  • Songs
  • My sketchbook, allowing me to let it out and process
  • Tears
  • New doors to open
  • Soul work
  • My diary
  • Morning walks

I am praying that it will get easier and smoother. Sooner than later. And if life is hard on your, if you feel more emotional than usual, know you are not alone. You.Are.Not.Alone. Please reach out. Don’t be afraid to say «I need help». Especially in this season.


Soundtrack of my September

While walking this morning, this idea came to the surface… sharing the soundtrack that composes my month, with you guys.

Music fills my days, and I realized that I can actually encapsulate it with the songs I listen to over and over in a specific amount of time.
To make it easier for you to listen to if you feel inclined to, I made it a playlist in Spotify...

I wish to do that at the end of every month and invite you to share with you: what songs compose your month ? What makes it special ?

  • Sia | Dressed in black
  • Eminem & Sia | Beautiful Pain
  • Katy Perry | Birthday
  • Misterwives | Vagabond
  • Christina Aguilera | Fighter
  • Of Monsters and Men | Mountain Sound
  • Florence + the maching | Cosmic Love
  • Sara Bareilles | Cassiopeia
  • Sara Bareilles | Satellite Call


Sharing the Love #9

Welcome in this new edition of «Sharing the love». If you are new to my blog, this is a weekly-ish series in which I share what I am currently loving. Because I believe in the power of sharing the love instead of spreading what pisses us off ;)


  • I still need to do more work on that with our children.
  • And what if one day, you were told most of your life had been a lie ? litterally obsessed with this tv show. And the band that does the theme song.
  • I learn best when seeing it. I’m obsessed with japanese food and love this channel and the blog that goes with it. Miso ramen anyone ?
  • I am totally and unashamedly (did I just make up a word ?) fangirling this woman.
  • I bow to people following their dreams no matter the cost, and for having been kinda a bêta tester for this first game, I know how good it is.
  • «All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them» Walt Disney
    My friend Mindy is sharing her Disney journal in the form of a new book, and you can buy it signed AND it comes with the link to a special art videa. NEAT !
  • I have finally gave in and bought this. Late to the party, maybe, but no more excuse not to be in charge of my health anymore !
  • Only a few days left to take advange of this amazing deal ! They are some of the BEST creative online classes I have taken.

What about sharing three things you love in the comments ? just to spread it even further. and further. and further.


Gratitude Friday, thank you back to school

Welcome on a new edition of my weekly ritual, Gratitude Friday (if you are not familiar with it, please go read how it came up and what it is about). thanks

I am a bit late on my blogging schedule but I am making peace with it, that sometimes priorities change and it’s ok. Sia is singing as I type this, I have been listening to her, everything from her, a lot. She is this amazing song write, truth teller, and it strikes a cord within me. The rain is falling. I am sipping on a green smoothie that is not that bad even if not amazing. This week, I am grateful for:

  • The end of the teachers’ strike and back-to-school
  • The moments when the Sun shows up between the clouds and the rain
  • Discussions with friends
  • Sisterhood
  • Cuddles
  • Sage smudging
  • My 15yo neighbor who came to teach me how to knit
  • My birthday day
  • People finding the Light
  • My Mom
  • Time in my Teal Studio
  • Painting
  • Family vacation planning

And you, what fills your Gratitude Bucket ? think of the small, teeny tiny, bigger things that brings you joy, laughter, grace. What are they ? Feel it in your bones, in your heart. Let it invade your whole body. It is good, isn’t it ?


A guided visit of my Studio altars, in video

Hi guys !

I was asked by several of you to share what is on my Studio Altar-s. If you follow me on social media, you probably have seen pics or short videos of them already but I was asked to be a bit more specific.

I did a short video showing you around in my Studio and what is on them (I have two-ish at the moment).

My husband keeps telling it smells like marijuana in there, and it is because I smudge with Sage everytime I step in the Studio to create ;)

I have a main altar, where my Creativity & Prosperity tray is. There is also inspiring artwork and candles.


On my Studio table, where I actually paint, there is a smaller one on which I change everything almost weekly I think (when I feel like to… not overthinking it, at all).


This is what is in my small gemstone jar, for now (there is some Unakite, citrine, quartz, amethist, Botswana agate, onyx, red jasper, blue howlite, lepidolite…):


From now on, I am adding crystal charging to the already Reiki I do on every artwork, at several stages of my creative process.


Most of my gemstones, magical oils, and candles come from my favorite place, The Sage Goddess. I belong to her Pentacle group, in which we learn witchy things and gemstones.
I also mention ZenaMoon as another source for my candles.

Locally, I have two different places I adore. For my crystal fix, I go in Granville Island’s shop Crystal Ark. And for more general things and books, I go to Banyen, in Kitsilano. I could spend HOURS in each…

Do you have sacred altars where you create ? In your home ? I invite you to share your pics in the Facebook page, I would love to discover your own altars.

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