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Shadow of herself

I was watching Mindy Lacefiled’s video for this month projet over her online class True Free Spirit. I love the music she uses as background, usually some songs by the duo Larkin Poe. I don’t necessarily pay attention to what it actually says (and it’s easy to turn my brain of because English is not my mother tongue) but this time, there is something that kept standing out: «Shadow of ourselves».

Inspiration often strikes when I don’t expect it to be there, and this is what happened. It triggered memories, old feelings, new thoughts.

The wall I built over the years is cracking down, little piece by little piece. Letting people in, letting my Light out.

In the Shadow of herself
She feels safe,
hiding who she really is.
Look closer
If you want to uncover
the big Heart
and the willing Soul that were
in the Dark.

In the Shadow of herself
She comforts,
Soothes the deep wounds of her past.
She unfolds
all these stories that she built
to protect
the bright but tamed light she knew
was waiting.

In the Shadow of herself,
she broke,
caved in; not really sure
which path to go yet.
Full of Trust,
She discovered she could be

In the Shadow of herself,
She notices
the old patterns that compose
the red thread
holding the key and answers
of questions
She only has the power
To unveil.

In the Shadow of herself,
She is Me.

Something then happened… The urge to sketch a Nixie, from an images that appeared last week during a meditation (when I can’t sleep, I grab a clear quartz, either hold it or put it on my forehead, do a short visualization… and usually, I fall asleep quite quickly after that)

And then this is what I saw while this little «I badly need to fall asleep. now» session. I know the Nixie that appeared was actually me.

What’s a girl to do when the Inner Voice gets pushy to sketch ? well… she sketches ;)



Gratitude Friday 2013/09/06

«Thank You» Gratitude Friday is a weekly ritual I started in order to focus on all the small and big positive things that happened during my week. I invite you to join me, you'll see how much being thankful can change your life. If you want to know more about it, read my introduction post. 

Hola !

Today is the first real day back to our school routine. Both Witchlets are in school for the full day, Chéridoo is at work, so I find myself alone.

This week, I am thankful for:

  • Being organized.
  • Having annual visit from Parrain Pierre (our daughters’ Godfather, who is my brother-in-law) from France.
  • Pushing through Fear and recording an interview video (you’ll get to see it in December).
  • New ideas and projects. Fun !
  • Going out of the house.
  • Cuddles.
  • Magic.
  • Working with gems. Setting high intentions.
  • New lipstick that makes me feel like I’m a badass.
  • Laughter. Family game nights.
  • Finding comfortable leggings, so I’m wearing dresses again.
  • Celebrating my birthday all month.
  • The beautiful Soul Juice necklace from miss Kelly Barton I received yesterday.
  • Enthusiasm in my last blogpost.
  • My Dylusions Art Journal is almost finished :D
  • Recording videos*

Tell me, what are you thankful for, right now, what is the first thing that pops in your mind ? I’d love to read it in the comments ;)

* Now that I am getting more comfortable in front of the camera, I really want to do a vlog. For the first one, I am asking YOU to tell me what you’d like to know about me (it can be about art, food, living with a chronic illness, family, spirituality… whatever you want to know). So please please please, don’t be shy and ask in the comment or on the facebook page.

If you wrote your Gratitude Friday on your blog, don't forget to enter your NAME and URL below so I'm notified and can come to read you (you can also join by commenting this post):

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    This is a Mad Hatter blog hop !

    I’m so happy to finally share with you more about this fantastic line from Lindy Stamp Gang. It’s been out there for a bit now. We are now introducing the Mad Hatter line from Lindy Stamp Gang.

    Thanks a lot to those of you arriving here from Limor's blog.


    There are 8 new colors in total: 4 Starburst Sprays (2-tone spray, with shimmers), 4 Flat Fabio (no shimmer), but also coordinating Embossing Powders and Glitters.

    I wanted to do a spread in my Art Journal for that blog hop going on ( We also are celebrating the new ladies who entered our family. You will be so amazed at all the diversity that now composes our Design Team. Such a great amount of talent and no one does the same than the other). New blood was found during our DT call, and I am so happy with the choices that were made. We are all passionate about Lindy Stamp Gang’s products.

    Here is my spread:


    sm-DSC_1606It is PINK ! I know… what’s going on with me ? Well… you’ll understand when you’ll play with the Cheshire Cat Cherry Starburst Spray. It is a vibrant hot pink with such a beautiful shimmer (click the image on the left to enlarge).

    I started with this big stencil cleaning leftover, it was a LSG spray too but honestly I can’t remember which one exactly. I wanted it to be the focus point of the page and started from there.

    I sprayed I'm Late, I'm Late Slate over the entire spread, so it would not be white anymore. It is a subtle color, so it left me plenty of room for the next stages. Once heat dried (not patient enough to wait for it to hair dry), I sprayed Cheshire Cat Cherry in a way that makes me think it is coming from that doily shape, like a falling star. I then sprayed Curiouser Chartreuse to add a bit of pop around.

    The center part of the doily was feeling too empty, so I grabbed this amazing stamp set from Mama Elephant and played with several of them.


    I inked the round «Love» stamp with embossing ink and then applied Midnight Sapphire embossing powder. I love how imperfect this looks, and bumpy. Dark blue and hot pink = gleeeeeee !


    I first stamped long arrows with the Weeping Willow Green embossing powder. I liked the very subtle effect and that I needed to look for it to see them… but I eventually stamped shorter arrows and embossed them with Midnight Sapphire, so it will bring back the center of the doily.


    I took the sprayer from the bottle of Down The Rabbit Hole Starburst, and dropped it here and there.

    I wanted to try to create my own glittery medium and am so happy with how it turned out. I am not a glitter kind of girls, I love shimmers but glitters… well, not so much. However, these babied in the Mad Hatter set are scrumptious. I used Silver Moon, it is a very fine powder that once blended with gloss Gel Medium created that beautiful glittery paint I applied with my Catalyst blade over the pink trail to have a fairy dust effect (who does not need some fairy dust, right ?).

    I finished my page with some quick writing (no thinking, just writing) with a Faber Castell india ink pen.

    Discover the projects of the other DT members on the blog, right there.

    Next stop on our blog hop is Ivett, you can check her project here.

    Here are the links for the products I used, so you can directly be taken to the Lindy Stamp Gang shop and discover this latest addition in the family (my favorite to date):


    Declaring September my «Into Wellness» month

    If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you may have seen that I decided last week to challenge myself this month.

    September is my birthday month, I always want it to hold something different, just for me.

    After two years with fibromyalgia, a move across the planet from where I was born and raised to where my heart belongs, lingering depression and more that put my body into the heaviest I’ve been (yes, more than when I was actually 9 months pregnant ! shocker), it is time to go back to who I know I am.

    It is difficult to look at myself in the mirror and see someone I don’t recognize. I do a lot of Soul Work, because it’s who I am. I am beginning to understand the link between my thoughts, my Spiritual path, and my body (because yes, they are intertwined together).

    I jotted some ideas of what I want to focus on this month, knowing I can’t do well on something too rigid:


    Food is the major part of what I need to focus on, I can indulge too easily. I am an emotional eater, been since I am a teenager. I am aware of it, but sometimes awareness is not enough. By doing this publicly, I find myself kind of accountable. No Nutella this month (it is my nemesis, even if I know exactly the side effects it has on me every single time I have some).

    One of my goal is to see myself differently, and also to find the food that helps if not eliminate, at least reduce the inflammation and exhaustion.
    Self-portraiture is something I do for that purpose. Not out of narcissism, but I noticed how it helps me document who I am at a precise moment. It does not have to be a photo of my face. I won't necessarily share it on social media or here, but for this month of September, I will take a self-portrait everyday. And see what comes up at the end of the month…


    I know some of you expressed interest in this project, I would love to know what is your plan, even if it is just two-three things you want to do this month to get into a better health.

    I use the hashtag IntoWellness, so if you post something related please feel free to use it as well so I can find you :)


    Acceptance, new Art Journaling video for LSG September color challenge

    LSG-colorchallenge_2013.09I changed my process a bit for this month’s Color Challenge over Lindy Stamp Gang.

    This color combo is way out of my comfort zone, I like all the colors it contains but honestly I don’t think I’ve ever actually used them together. This was the perfect thing to try it. This time, I did not use ALL the four colors, I let the lavender color aside, but I did not spray the deeper violet evenly so there is a variation in how it looks.

    Can’t wait to see what you will create with this palette !

    Please, scroll to the bottom of this blogpost to have the list of all the products I used to create this Art Journaling spread :)

    I am thrilled to share with you a new {Art Journaling In Motion} video. It’s been such a long time since the last one, don’t you think ?


    The quest of getting rid of my perfectionism is still there. I am looking to capture the essence of what comes to me more the physical look it actually has. Weird ? Maybe.

    I started in a page that already has a bit of stencil cleaning left overs (I hate wasting these beautiful inks when I spray so they always end up randomly in my journal or one of my sketchbook, or this big paper pad I dedicate to painted pages creation).
    Of course, as usual, I did not have any idea of what I would actually create. I wanted to feel free, so I began with that intention in my Heart. Knowing I would use some Lindy's sprays, I started by gesso-ing my page. Some artists really dislike Clear Gesso, but I personally love it because of the grit it adds to my surface, and it makes it perfect for sprays (in my opinion). You’’ll see in the video how when I apply that beautiful orange paint, we can see the strokes left from the Clear Gesso

    Then, I sprayed Voodoo Violet Blue Starburst spray which is a deep violet color with a gold shimmer. This is when I began to visualize a sky.


    I am obsessed by the Moon (more on that later). It is a never-ending Love story I have with her, so she had to be there in some way. I decided to roughly tear a piece of printed piece of deli paper and glued that down (it is The Crafter’s Workshop Solace stencil you see, the 12x12” size. One of my favorite).
    I used one of my favorite stamp, it is a big Hero Art stamp they created for Studio Calico a while back now. After stamping with Versamark (a special ink for embossing), I sprinkled it with Silver Moon Mistletoe embossing powder. It is very subtle, but this was the look I wanted so no surprise at all.


    What would a moonlight sky without stars, eh ? So I simply splattered some Silver alcohol inks until I was pleased with the result. I like that it is an opaque ink. I could also have used a pearlescent acrylic ink with its


    I won’t lie: drawing is not one of my strengths, but I get to accept it and know that with practice and some dedication, I’ll get where I want to be. This deer-ish creature was not meant to exactly look like one, I really wanted his essence to be there; and for me, I reached this goal.

    I covered the brown acrylic paint with a layer of Crème Brûlée Starburst shot, to give it a little something something additional. I painted the antlers with Ponderosa Pine Olive Magical Mica, using my water brush.

    This Deer appeared to tell me I was guided, even when I thought I was alone, so I use The Crafter’s Workshop arrow stencil, in 12x12”, with Fuzzy Navel Peach Starburst spray. I did tone on tone on purpose, I wanted it to be there but not in the face.


    For my journaling, I started with a beautiful stamp by and from Mindy Lacefield with grey ink, about making mistakes, chaos and letting go (puuuuuuhrfect !). Then, I added my own words, not overthinking it, just letting it out.

    I am really pleased with the results. YES, I can see all that I could have done differently, but in the end I just love what it brings to me when I look at it.

    Here is the video, I hope you enjoy (if you have any question, please please ask in the comments):

    Here are the supplies I used for this journal spread:

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