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Gratitude Friday 2013/10/18, Thank you Trust

«Thank You» Gratitude Friday is a weekly ritual I started in order to focus on all the small and big positive things that happened during my week. I invite you to join me, you'll see how much being thankful can change your life. If you want to know more about it, read my introduction post.

Happy Friday !

It’s the small moments, friends, the small moments. The ones you don’t always notice when they are happening.
To me, Gratitude is almost always linked to appreciating what is there on a precise period, even if it is 2mn.

This week, I am thankful for:

  • Email exchanges with a certain TrueSister.
  • Brittles of past lives exposed.
  • I survived the long weekend.
  • Cooking my Mom’s recipes. My way.
  • Sharing two {In Motion} videos with you guys.
  • Friends who check up with me, just because.
  • New cookbooks.
  • The warmth of the Sun on my skin. And seeing the Moon every night.
  • Knowing that emotions are just that, emotions. They come and they go. I learned not to fight any of them.
  • Putting some makeup on.
  • Finally getting some of the stuff I had issues with, for my future new website.
  • My Husband. I would not be without him.
  • Hot bath with a good book and great music in the background. I can stay there for hours.
  • Learning and cooking more vegan meals (No, I can’t give up my butter and my eggs folks !).

Oh I wanted to know, would you like me to share about my creative process… in the kitchen, now and then ? Recipes, new discoveries. Just like once or twice a month. Tell me :)

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    Ivy | + New {Painting In Motion} video

    Oooh I love being challenged. One of my darling customer contacted me last week, telling me she needed a Nixie to be her new computer’s wallpaper. Something that will inspire her to create and to work.

    You know now that I am a hundred percents intuitive when i work. I do think, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t plan ahead, I just go through my stash of papers, take paint and go from the Intention I start the process with. This customer knows about it all, so I was confident that whatever would appear on my painting, it would be what she deeply needs, no matter how scary it is for me sometimes (psss: you can contact me if you’d like a painting just for you).


    Layers. It is about the layers, and daring to make bold moves. I was so scared to cover it up with that toned down pebble paint… but knew in my heart this was what the next step needed to be. And I am in love with the effect it created. It reminded me of the importance of how the brushes where meeting the surface, that depending on that was how the paint is spread (you’ll see in the video).

    I am so grateful for my creative mentors and inspirations, that pushes me further.


    This, right there, makes me extremely happy. I think that the texture is what makes me continue exploring again and again, and then the magic of seeing something emerging from what can seem to be Chaos.


    Yes, it is far from being perfect. Far far far. But I can finally say that I am comfortable with the faces that emerge. It is what was needed a few months back when I decided I would stop creating Nixies for a while. I am still exploring but my love for them grew stronger.

    Watch in HD :)


    Here is a list of the supplies I’ve used for this painting. Please, feel free to ask questions if I did not talk about something that is on your mind about what is this or that ;)


    Gratitude Friday 10/11/2013, Thank you Home

    «Thank You» Gratitude Friday is a weekly ritual I started in order to focus on all the small and big positive things that happened during my week. I invite you to join me, you'll see how much being thankful can change your life. If you want to know more about it, read my introduction post.

    Happy Friday people !

    The home is calm. Chéridoo is at work, the Witchlets are at school and I am here. The sky was grey earlier this morning but it does not matter because I saw the blue peaking through the fluffy clouds (my favorites).

    This week, I am thankful for:

    • Trust some people put in me.
    • The «I love you», often unexpected.
    • The last minute road trip with my friend Nancy, to Port Townsend (WA). Heartfelt conversations. Tears. Connection.
    • Dancing. I did not know how much I missed dancing, like no one is watching (even surrounded by people).
    • Unicorno figurines. Unicorns in general (they are currently rocking my world).
    • Mindy, Danielle, Micki. Beryl. They all add so much in my life. It makes it richer and makes me want to reach for higher.
    • Music, it is the rythm of my days.
    • Creativity. New perspectives. Dreams that never really go away, I am letting them in again.
    • My paintings that will be shipped to new homes tomorrow.
    • Books (I am currently reading «Graveminder» by Melissa Marr. Yes, I love YA books and own it). New cookbooks, I love cookbooks.
    • These moments with my Witchlets, when I surprise myself thinking «this is exactly how I want our relation to be. always»; when we laugh, get each other. I want it to be our new normal.
    • Sushi (the sushi place next door Dick Blick in Seattle is really good !)
    • This feeling of finally being aligned with abundance (not necessarily material or money related).
    • The «I am sorry» and the hugs that come right after it.
    • This strong desire to declutter my home and my life. Getting rid of the unnecessary.
    • This picture where you can kind of see me, in the Mingle magazine. It just made me happy because I did not know about it. And one day, sooner than later, there will be an article with my art in one of their magazines.

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      Mama Moon–Harvest | + New {Painting In Motion} video


      I was inspired a few weeks ago to create the 2nd painting around the Moon (if you want to know more about this series of painting, please head over here). I remember it was the week of a very beautiful Full Moon, and maybe she just whispered in my heart that it was time.

      I had lots of fun playing with different kinds of papers for my first layer. Here is what I used: scrapbooking paper, art bleeding tissue paper, painted kraft paper from the papers I use to protect my work table, packagings, envelopes (the inside part), Gelli printed deli paper, music sheet


      This time, I also used a masking technique while working on the Moon. But instead of masking where the Moon will be while working on the background, I masked the background (using the same paper than for the first video, you’ll see) to work on the Moon.

      It is hard to picture it, but the Moon is very textured. I embossed part of it over spray ink, and splattered some more for contrast. Lindy Stamp Gang now has a very good range of products and it’s perfect whether you want to heat emboss, just add color (with or without shimmers), splatters that will look like nothing else (the list of the products I used will be at the end of this blogpost).
      AND the layers of the Moon still allows to see the background here and there, which makes me very happy !


      The message says «Under the big bright Mama Moon, I harvest the fruits of my thoughts».
      No matter how difficult it is, I know we have power over our thoughts, and that thoughts create matters in our tangible world.

      Here is the video, for you to enjoy:

      Want to know more about the supplies I used ? You can click on the product’s picture to be directed to its page:


      What my new paintings series «Pieces of Me» is about

      I finally shared with you yesterday the first painting of this new series, Abigail. However, I did not get into details about the series on itself, why I am committed to it and why it is so dear to my being.


      My Nixies are all a little (or a lot) part of me. We share common traits. But I wanted to go further, now that they are back in my heart (remember, I announced a few months ago I was going away from them).

      I read quite a lot about archetypes, I wanted to be a psychanalyst (yup) and am still passionate about the human being and it mind… I have been doing Soul Searching, Soul Work for over a decade now, and know that I am just touching it from the tip of my fingers. Still a lot to discover, to dig up. But you know, the more you want to know who you truly are, the stronger Fear is.

      Earlier this year, I painted two customed Nixies for my Golden Customer, they were two of her persona and I freaked love seeing them coming to life. It was scary but thrilling. It inspired me to let my own come to life on canvas. But I think I was not ready until now.

      What is «Pieces Of Me» really about ?

      Each of the Nixies in this series will be a part of me, a real one. Like the kid I wanted to be when I was 7 years old, the Shaman I was, the young Priestess in Avalon… and every other persona that create the real Me. I know it may sound totally crazy, oh yes, and this is why I pushed doing this for so long, but you know I’m not (cookoo it is).

      I  already know some of the next ones I want to create, but you know how I roll: it never happens as I intend it to in the first place. Unexpected is always on my shoulder.

      I want to finally «see» them, other than in my mind and in my heart. I want to bring them to life, so to speak. Their stories matter, maybe you will connect with them on some level.

      I will begin each painting sessions with extra Reiki. And I will charge them once done as well.

      Letting them in. Letting my Visions come to reality. Knowing it is what I need to do right now.

      Can’t wait to keep going :)

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