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Only From The Heart | New Mixed Media Nixie painting

When I’ll finally dare making a video tour of my Teal Studio, you will see how much «old» paintings I have around. Waiting to be reworked.

This is how this painting started. I started by rolling some white acrylic paint over with my brayer, but leaving some of the color showing through here and there. It brings such a good feeling of freedom. Starting anew.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about where I want to go. With my career as an artist. With my family life. With my body image. Which lead me to this realization: I can get there only by sticking to a CREATIVE DAILY PRACTICE. And with something that feels huge to me: SURRENDER.

This painting was totally me being in the flow and going with what was there, and making it work (any of you who tried to paint over this amazing Midnight color of Dylusions spray knows this is a biatch and so damn hard to do anything on top. Love it, still, but learning along the way. Thanks Samie Kira for the tip ;)).

She was in her boat, and her cloud was actually a wave when I began painting it, but then it became a cloud and then another one appeared, and another one. They are subtle and I like that.
You can't see, but the Moon is filled with nice silver fine glitter.

This Nixie is looking for a new loving home: go to my shop for more infos.

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Right Now in my world.

The weather is grey and gloomy for what could be our first day of Summer Break…

Grenouille is doing yoga in the living room.

Koala is playing with her Barbies in her bedroom.

I am catching up on the lessons I have not watched yet from SoulFood Class.

I am thinking about what I want to do with my art, the directions I want to explore, the destinations I want to reach.

I am fighting a strong headache. For the 5th day in a row.

I just subscribe to a free psychology class from Yales that I will be able to listen to while working.


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On this Full Rose Moon…

On this Full Rose Moon, I seek guidance to have a clearer vision regarding where I want to go.

On this Full Rose Moon, I seek connection with Kindred Souls. I seek to reinforce the Love and Friendship going on already, to strengthen the link between me and them.

On this Full Rose Moon, I become who I am meant to be.

On this Full Rose Moon, I will gather with my Sabbatical Sisters to celebrate.

On this Full Rose Moon, I surrender and accept it is out of my control.

On this Full Rose Moon, I expand my wings and my horizons.

And so it is.



Navigating through Fibromyalgia

It is no secret I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia almost three years ago now. If you are not familiar with it, fibromyalgia is a widespread pain disease. It means that the nervous system is not sending/receiving pain signals properly and something that would be felt as «moderate» pain might probably be difficult to bear for someone with fibromyalgia.

To make it simple: my nervous system decided it would be fun to get fucked up

However, I know how lucky I have been in all the diagnosis process. Having friends suffering from it helped me to detect the signs. There were too many similarities between them and what I was going through (non-stop exhaustion like never before, and all my bones on fire were the two of the major factors) so I was able, after several months, to go to my doctor and tell her honestly «I am going through this and this and this (…), I think it may be fibromyalgia.» And I was right.

iPhone 801 - Copy

Suffering of a chronic disease, when it is something that you have not known for all your life but that kind of struck you and you know the chances of it going away are almost inexistant, is a game changer. Whatever the said disease or syndrom is.

How does Fibromyalgia is linked with my creativity ? you may ask. Well… when your body is in constant pain, it goes everywhere. I am discovering pain in a new light, as before fibromyalgia I was quite resilient to it and even after three years, I have a hard time just accepting that the way my body knows pain is now different. My hands have started to hurt badly, burning sensation, stabbing sensations in the wrists and fingers, it sometimes contracts and hurt like hell. This is when I am overjoyed to have practiced painting with my non-dominant hand. And I do practice using both my hands more equally, just in case one goes really bad eventually. Strangely, when I create, whether it is on a small 8x10” or on a bigger 30x30” one, I get to that place I guess when my body is just the shelter of my essence and I don’t feel any pain at all, until I stop. My shoulders and collar bones are not this big ball of fire anymore. I am in a flow…

I sketch more because I can do it on the couch when I have no other choice than move as little as possible.

There is so much I could say about how dealing with fibromyalgia is now part of what I create, every single time I paint, but I feel like I am more babbling than sharing so I will stop there.

And I will leave you with a bit of lyrics from the Rap God, Eminem. This song came out in my playlist while I was doing my morning walk. It is taken out of context but it just told me it needed to join this blogpost because they fit.

But you won't break me
You'll just make me stronger than I was
Before I met you, I'll bet you I'll be just fine without you
And if I stumble, I won't crumble
I'll get back up and uhhh
And I'mma still be humble when I scream, "Fuck you!"
Cause I'm stronger than I was.


Sharing the Love #6

Welcome in this new edition of «Share the love». If you are new to my blog, this is a weekly-ish series in which I share what I am currently loving. Because I believe in the power of sharing the love instead of spreading what pisses us off ;)


I love cooking but don’t always want to spend time hours in the kitchen, so I loved this list of healthy kitchen shortcuts.

He is my new artist crush, his artwork makes me travel in faraway imaginative places.

I am learning again how to create and use crystal grids. This kid is amazing.

Imagine Play Emerge ? Yes please ! Can’t wait for this new class to start this summer.

I am crazy but love a good challenge. I will do this in July, just needs to find vegetarian options for it. Anyone with me ?

Things you might have missed from me: I changed the blog design a bit, most days (newest {Art Journaling In Motion} video), The Universe knows,

You might be interested in checking out the previous Sharing the Love blogposts.

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