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Welcoming 29

Today is the day I turn 29. Well, with the 9 hour time difference (I was born in France), I was officially born on the 19th, but it is okay to celebrate for two days, right ?


There is so much hope for this new personal year. So much dreams I wish to fulfill, or at least to jumpstart. So much love to spread.
28 was not an easy year but I lost 12kgs (± 26lbs), I’ve been letting go of some heavy blocks, I am integrating my spirituality back into my life and owning who I am, my husband and I celebrated 10 years of love for each other… so much love to be spread around.
However, I need to continue to learn to take it at my own pace and that this actually is okay to seem slow.

Je me défais enfin de certains blocages, je renoue avec qui je suis et donc avec ma spiritualité, j’ai fêté mes 10 ans d’amour avec mon mari… Tellement d’amour à partager. Cependant, je veux enfin être ok avec le fait de faire les choses à mon rythme même lorsque cela me paraît lent et que je voudrais desespérément que cela aille plus vite.

Welcome, 29.

At 29, I wish to connect more with my Kindred Sisters, face to face when possible.
At 29, I want to be near the water more often.
At 29, I desire more peace in my Soul, and more peace in my home.
At 29, I wish to spread love on a constant basis.
At 29, I strive to be happy inside and out.
At 29, I make rituals and prayer part of my daily practice.
At 29, I will finally open myself up more to guidance.
At 29, my art will take new heights and reach many many places.
At 29, I let my True Self shine and be seen.

Welcome, 29.

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Gratitude Friday, Thank you 28

Welcome on a new edition of my weekly ritual, Gratitude Friday (if you are not familiar with it, please go read how it came up and what it is about).


Tomorrow is my birthday. And I know it is so weird for some people, but I love birthdays and look forward to mine all year long ;) If my husband reads this, know I am aware of how difficult it is for you, because I love surprises and it is not easy to manage.

It is time for me to kind of list, more or less privately, what 28 had taught me. what are the lessons. and also what I wish 29 will bring… but for now,

This week, I am thankful for:

  • Working on my business with my husband
  • Having finally launched Soul Deck, and for the people who signed up
  • School starting next Monday, two weeks after it was supposed to
  • 90s R&B music
  • Birthday flower and presents received already, unexpected
  • Hot baths
  • Magical Sisterhood
  • Talking to my brother on the phone
  • Smoothies for dinner, salads for lunch, and all in between
  • Beautiful and powerful gemstones
  • Heart to heart talks (with my Mom, and with my Husband)
  • Releasing tears
  • The Sunshine will still had earlier this week
  • The very good customer service from FitBit.

Tell me, what is on YOUR list ?


Celebrating Soul Deck opening with a GIVEAWAY

I am so happy to have open Soul Deck yesterday.

To celebrate and because it is my birthday week, I am giving you the chance to win your spot.

Good luck ! The giveaway will end on Saturday the 20th (my birthday) at 12:00 am.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


It’s here: my Soul Deck class is now open !


Today is the day eh ! today is the day eh ! So happy to open you the doors of this first solo online class.

It’s always a pleasure to join other artists, either as a teacher or as a guest artist, in their classes, and it has taught me a lot (and I would gladly do it again, whenever !), but it was time for me to fly with my own wings as well.

Sharing is a big part of why I create too *making art for myself first but then, I need to share it so it may inspire and help somebody else as well*, and Soul Deck is all about mixing both the art making and the spiritual, adding a layer of «what do I do with it ?» to it.

In this mini and self-paced class, I will guide you through my process of using a deck of cards as a base for your own messages. What does your Soul need to hear ?

This is what you’ll get:

  • Step by step videos, they are downloadable for yours to keep.
  • Facebook group to share
  • My support, I am here to answer your questions
  • Mini class = mini price

Without further ado, click on the following button to join and sign up:


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Gratitude Friday, thank you deep breaths

Welcome on a new edition of my weekly ritual, Gratitude Friday (if you are not familiar with it, please go read how it came up and what it is about).


My girls are still not at school, we will start the 5th week of teachers’ strike and the light at the end of this tunnel is nowhere to be seen (I kindly invite you, if you feel called to, send some positive energy so it resolve as soon as possible), so not a lot of art is being made right now and I miss it like crazy !

In this whirlwind, I take this time just for me, and writing it here helps on where I put my focus, where I put my energy.

This week, I am thankful for:

  • Sunshine
  • Sisterhood
  • Time on the phone with my bro Thomas
  • My husband, and his love and help
  • Smoothies for dinner
  • The tv show Grimm
  • Help
  • All the sushi and agedashi tofu I have had in the past three weeks
  • White sage, magical oils, and gemstones
  • Wearing my wedding rings again at my fingers (lost a lot of weight, they were slipping, so I have been wearing them around a chain for months)

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