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Mixed Media painting «Magic Makers» | new {Painting In Motion} video

I am SO happy to have a new video for you this week. I hope to finally be back on my week video schedule (with some twists and turns here and there).


This painting was actually by our February project over Wild Surrender, my darling Mindy Lacefield’s 6-month long class. Our theme is sailing :) I also was inspired by talks I had recently with young adult books author Heidi R. Kling about Mermaids (anyone out there watched the show H2O and its sequel-ish Mako Mermaids ? yup).

I wanted to keep their faces and features simple, as if the child I was drew them *I thought I should share that fact before you think it actually was from one of my girl*.

One belongs to the Land, one belongs to the Sea, but together they are Magic makers.

WATCH IN hd ;)

If you want a list of the art supplies I used, please just ask and I will create one that I’ll add as I usually do (I did not, for once, to be sure this blogpost will be ready as planned).

Here are some closer shots:




NOTE: this painting is looking for a new home :) You can find it in the shop.


My current obsessions

This is no secret that I am the kind of person who is easily obsessed (If I discover a singer I love, I will seek for his/her songs and listen to them over and over until I can’t take it anymore. I can make myself the same lunch for days straight if it makes me happy etc etc etc.). It is usually fun and I know this is how I work, but it sometimes can be frustrating as well (like right now with my next tattoo that I have the general ideas and details but can’t seem to figure out how to bring together…).


And you know I am a list maker… so this is it, my current obsessions right now:

  • Mermaids. Unicorns. Rainbows.
  • Mixing vegenaise (vegan mayo) with sriracha sauce as the base of my lunch’s sandwiches.
  • My next tattoo. It will be located inside my right forearm (you should see it on my videos ahah), it is a feather with a watercolor splatters effect and some of my favorite symbols. And my mantra «Let the Stories unfold».
  • Putting together our guest room so it’s ready when my Mom arrives in a few weeks.
  • Decluttering my Teal Studio. I am making grab bags of the supplies I am not using, will head to the shop.
  • Oil pastels.
  • Sketching creatures and new Nixies.
  • Losing weight, I’m getting there. It’s in the everyday choices.
  • Sara Bareilles’ latest album, The Blessed Unrest. So inspiring !
  • Meatless option so I don’t fall into frustration.
  • The almond dates smoothie I made the other morning *I slightly adaptated from this recipe*.

I’d love to know… what are your currently obsessed with ? (can be only one thing ahah)


Mixed Media Valentine’s card for LSG | new video

Hey guys !

Today I am sharing a new video tutorial over Lindy Stamp Gang.

I got inspired by Valentine’s day approaching and my commitment to show the people I love how I care about them. Because after all, I refuse to see this day as focused only on sentimental love.

Head over the LSG blog, to read my step by step.

Here is my video:

I hope you enjoyed :)


Gratitude Friday 02/07/2014, thank you health.

«Thank You» Gratitude Friday is a weekly ritual I started in order to focus on all the small and big positive things that happened during my week. I invite you to join me, you'll see how much being thankful can change your life. If you want to know more about it, read my introduction post.

Welcome Friday !

Not sure there is a lot to say about this week. Ups. Downs. Repeat. Breathe in between (sometimes).

I’m typing while both my girls are picking at each others, my husband is on whatever screen of his it is, and I try to accept it is our life right at this moment and to be okay with it because I can change myself but not others. Big lesson indeed.

This week, I am thankful for:

  • Sunshine when I go outside. Despite the freaking cold of this week, it’s always welcome.
  • Art that keeps me sane.
  • Good books (I finished Eleanor & Park and I’m back in The Mortal Instruments series with City Of Fallen Angels).
  • Morning walks to start the day.
  • KindredSisters, who listen to me vent without judging for one seconds.
  • Goog snailmail.
  • Mom arrives in less than a month now (which freaks me out as her room is far from being ready).
  • Doctors, dentists.
  • Writing to vent it all away.
  • Songs, from my past, from my present.
  • My husband
  • My daughter Koala’s creativity.

If you wrote your Gratitude Friday on your blog, don't forget to enter your NAME and URL below so I'm notified and can come to read you (you can also join by commenting this post):

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    Altered Mixed Media CDs banner | LSG February Color Challenge


    And... we are on for a new color challenge over Lindy Stamp Gang ! You'll see on the blog how different our projects are, all inspired by this amazing February color combo. As well, you'll find ideas of colors to inspire you and are able to shop a kit directly *oh sweet*.

    Remember, that if you join the fun and enter our contest, you can win a sweet gift certificate for a nice shopping spree ;)

    Oh My ! Sometimes, I do surprise myself with the crazy ideas that cross my mind (I often think of this quote from Alice In Wonderland: «Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.»)


    For this month’s challenge, I decided to put to good use all these CDs we are not listening to anymore and alter them to create a fun banner.


    First step was to cover them all with white gesso. I created texture while applying it with my Catalyst tool because well… texture is my dope ;) *better than Nutella, eh !*.


    Once completely dry, I sprayed colors (check at the end of my post for the complete list of the products I used for this project). I did not want for any mean to have an even coat of color.


    I mixed Midnight RendezVous Raven in its Magical Mica form with a little bit of water, and using a Q-Tip, I made dots near the center. Then, I ran it around each disc to create a border of some sort.


    On the two teal discs, I applied hot pink glitter mixed with glossy soft gel medium through a stencil. simply love how both colors complement each other, it’s this additional touch that makes the difference.


    I blended some water with Cowabunga Copper Magical Mica and wrote «WELCOME» (this banner is hanging above the door of our guest room).

    And as a final touch, I splattered some Teeth Chattering Teal on all of them. You can’t barely see it, you have to be in a certain position and certain light, which adds to the interest (to me).

    At last, I had my husband drill me some holes, added a string and voilà :) (yes… i am quirky that way and the letters are not aligned).


    Here are the products I used:

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