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Thought for today

During my "lunch break" as I like to call it, I like to sketch or now doodle on my iPad.

I just take this as a special time to put the pressure off. And let come whatever needs for me to know at the moment.

I thought I would share it with you, in case you would need to hear this today as well.



Gratitude Friday 03/01/2013, Thank you positivity

Gratitude Friday is a weekly ritual I started in order to focus on all the small and big positive things that happened during my week. I invite you to join me, you'll see how much being thankful can change your life. If you want to know more about it, read my introduction post.

Happy Friday !

Can you see how glad I am that today is Friday ?
What is happening in your part of the World (whenever it is for you) ?

I notice that sharing what is really going on in my Life becomes more and more important, and that the women I feel connected with are the ones who are not afraid of showing their real me. Even if I am all for the «people don't need to know 100% of your life» and that oversharing does exist, especially on the Internet, I also know in my gut that we need more of us sharing our Truth(s), and this is all my Truth-isms are about.

I tell you that because I know that I stay more or less vague during my Gratitude Friday blogposts, but it is only to protect my close friends not on the internet, and my close relatives that don't necessarily want their name out there (I always ask first if that's okay with them). And because I feel this is time for us to just be honest and stop hiding behind masks of «my life if perfect». because it definately is not.

This week, I am thankful for:

  • Feeling lost. But on the right past path at the same time.
  • Having shared about these weird energetic waves and stuff I have been experiencing.
  • My Mom date of arrival from France is approching, it is getting closer and closer now.
  • Blogging on a more regular basis.
  • Resolving the issue I had with my portfolio
  • Nice customers.
  • Recording and sharing weekly {In Motion} videos.
  • Living near the US border and being able 1)to receive mail there (Hello Amazon) 2)to go to Trader Joe's and Target (we'll soon have our own Target though).
  • Having an iPad mini, now I can do digital art on it, Facetime with my Halfling when he's at work and with friends.
  • Being a bit left alone by pain this week, back to my new normal I guess.
  • 30 second dance parties. Alone. Or with my girls. (need to enroll my husband !).
  • Days are getting longer. I mean... it is more daytime than nightime. I am ready for dry and sun.
  • Friends.
  • Pandora, often putting me back in time (right now, it is playing a Brandy song I use to listen all the time when I was in high school...).

What is in your Gratitude list this week ?

If you wrote your Gratitude Friday on your blog, don't forget to enter your NAME and URL below so I'm notified and can come to read you (you can also join by commenting this post):

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    Free Fall, a new {Art Journaling In Motion} video

    Earlier this week, I watched Tam (aka Willowing) work on an Art Journaling page.
    For the few years I've followed her work, I've always fell in love with her messages. I remember watching back to back videos on her Youtube channel when I discovered her (i think it was in 2008). She was that girl speaking her truth, sharing her process, and telling me us that it is okay not to be a fluffy bunny all the time.
    She was different than the other artists online, I felt like she could be my big sister.


    You'll see, but I should have never used my brayer. Big mistake. But eh, it happens ! I don't know what crossed my mind at that precise moment... ahah.

    I accept that she is simple, my almost6yearsold daughter does draw better ;)

    I've been wanting to use again my Neocolor II (for me, the best watersoluble crayons) but I don't know why, kept forgetting to do so. I used to only color my faces with them and white acrylic paint, and loved it.

    It is quite the same story with my Twinkling H2Os. If you this does not ring a bell for you, they are shimmery watercolor in a cake form. But until last week, I did not know they needed to rest before being used (you spray water on it, and wait for 10ish minutes before using them). This is a trick (click to watch her video in another tab)I've learned from Jodi Ohl who, for me, is one of the experts with them.
    I keep telling you: I am a shimmer girl. Love them. And I love what Luminarte does. I use some in her face (the pink/purple), I use the same color on her hair for the highlights, for her dress, and wrote with it around her hair.

    Free fall, face

    I really like the journaling around her hair.

    Free fall journaling

    I did some free hand journaling, just letting the words flow without thinking about them. Just accepting my hand to move and let go of whatever may come. I don't even remember what is there (and the red sharping does not show that well, which is good).

    I notice that my desire to share with you a weekly art journaling video pushes me to go there, and do it. I kind of lost myself at a time where I did not do anything for several months in a row in my journal, focusing on my paintings only. I knew there was this «i miss it» feeling floating around, but I always found an excuse not to go back to it. I don't regret it, I guess I needed to go through that phase without it. However, right now, I still feel lost. I guess my process changed so much in my paintings the last few years, that I approach my art journal differently now. Less perfect. Starting a page where there is some leftover from my stencil uses is something I could not even consider before; and is now something I do a lot (wasting all that inky goodness when spraying ? no thanks !).

    Here is the video for you:

    What I used (if you have any question, please feel free to let me know):

    To see all my {In Motion} videos, I invite you to go over my Youtube Channel.


    Nolwenn’s Truth-ism #1: Be you.

    If you follow me on Pinterest, you know how much I love words. And quotes. I could consider myself a word collector.

    I think that I actually need visual reminders, positive affirmations, to help me grow and to keep me going on the path I am following.

    Sharing my TruthS (yes, plural) is one of the most important elements of who I am. As a person. As an artist.
    This became, with time, more of a need. My paintings, my Art Journaling, and all the words that are not shared, they are part of this Greater mission I feel invested in since my teens.

    Let me introduce you to what I call (maybe not permanently, we will see) "Nolwenn's Truth-ism". Nothing fancy. Straight to the point. Visual (just because).This is not perfect (far from it, honestly), but I make peace with that as perfection is not what I am at with this.

    Here is my first one:

    Truthism #1

    Note: Art made in Procreate on my iPad mini, combined with Photoshop on my computer. The feather is part of the Sundrifter digital brushes set by Studio Calico.
    This all began with a discussion with my Soul Sis Anu... thank you, Love,



    With insomnia kicking my butt unexpectedly, the few hours of sleep I had before having to start my day and the fact that the sleeping aid I took in the middle of the night to finally fall asleep seems to take forever to get out of my system, I feel pretty crappy right now.
    I wish I'd have the knowledge to understand what causes the glitches in my body. What is actually nor working properly when we suffer from Fibromyalgia (come on, there has to be something wrong that causes the neverending pain and all the other symptoms, right ?).

    So in the same vein of my Gratitude Friday ritual, I notice that when I mentally list what I am currently loving, my energy shifts almost magically. I guess this is simply because my mind then focus on something more positive, it puts myself in a happier place.



    • New tv shows like "The Following" or "Cult" (both filmed in BC, lovely coincidence)
    • Collaborations
    • Connection
    • Muted colors
    • Creative visualization
    • New ideas sprouting
    • New learning curves. Creating digital artwork on my iPad mini
    • The prospect of being in Port Townsend (WA) in June
    • Ezechiel sesame bread, toasted, with a little bit of salter butter that will melt on top
    • Packing orders
    • Thinking about what  we'll do next month for K.'s birthday (our Koala is turning 6)
    • Crockpot meals

    What are you loving, in your part of the world, right now (don't overthink it) ?

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