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Yesterday we picked up my borther-in-law from France, he is with us for his yearly visit. He comes every year for Maelynn’s birthday, he had not missed one in six years.

Today, she turned 9.

My Kindred Micki told me «don't forget it is 'your' day too, it's your 'happy giving birth day'. So many people forget to celebrate that part

There is a lot going on in me when it comes to this first birth, but this is another story.

She received calls from the family in France, from her best friend who suddenly moved back to Québec a few months ago and is now celebrating with her neighbor friend.

I am about to start cooking what she requested: alfredo noodles. Then we will go to Granville Island and who knows where else.

Blessed, we are.

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Gratitude Friday, from the Darkness

Welcome on a new edition of my weekly ritual, Gratitude Friday (if you are not familiar with it, please go read how it came up and what it is about).

Oh my… what a difficult week it was. Darkness loomed in my heart, as it sometimes happens, unfortunately. Well, it was not fun to be around me in the past week (and I did not want to face anyone, which was hard for my kids and husband).

Willow, Nixie by Nolwenn Petitbois

This week, I am thankful for:

  • People reaching out to me
  • Writing in my diary again
  • Crystals
  • Prayer
  • Symbols that mean something to me
  • Very long very hot baths, even in the middle of the day
  • Finally getting things done to launch Soul Deck
  • Not giving up when I really feel pushed in that direction
  • Waking up every morning, alive
  • Sunshine
  • DDP Yoga with my husband
  • Connecting, especially the days I just want to be alone in the Dark

And you, what are you thankful for today ? Share in the comment so we can acknowledge and celebrate with you.


Transition, Greatness & Guided, new Colorful Chaos abstract paintings available


Creating for this series, way out of my usual art, is a lot of fun. I usually paint for Colorful Chaos before an actual painting session, each is at least 3 different layers that need to fully dry before adding the next one, so it can’t be done in one sitting.

I have an obsession with symbols *just see my Pinterest board dedicated to them and you’ll understand what I mean by obsessed*, and these three new paintings in the series have a few more or less obviously added. Because it makes me happy, because it helps with the purpose of positive energy.

They were created on 6x8” wood panel, cradled (so ready to hang if you want).

Layers layers layers, and lots of texture as well, is what you’ll discover :)

I invite you to go to my shop to see more pictures of each.

What is Greatness to you ? I’d love to know.

Find it right here.

«Transition» may be my favorite of the entire series, to day. There is a very special energy that comes from it. It will add this je ne sais quoi to any space you would embellish with it, trust me.

Find it right here.

«Guided» is the perfect reminder that you are watched upon, even when you feel like nobody listens to you, that nobody HEARS you. Don’t stop believing, knowing.

Find it right here.

You can, of course, also find the rest of Colorful Chaos that has not found a home yet. You won’t be disappointed.

PSS: some products, such as pillow covers, clocks, mugs... from these paintings are now available in my Society6 shop. Go check it out, you will love the possibilities !


Gratitude Friday, I am Peace

Welcome on a new edition of my weekly ritual, Gratitude Friday (if you are not familiar with it, please go read how it came up and what it is about).

I just finished following a Global Meditation, lead by Deepak Chopra with Gabrielle Bernstein and India Arie. A meditation for Peace. Peace inside of us, expanding to our close friends and family to eventually reach each and every one in the world and beyond.

I am peace

In the past two weeks, since that very weird and emotionally difficult Friday, I have received many unexpected blessings. I invite you to take a few minutes to reflect on your own blessings, what did the Universe shower you with that made you feel good, happy ? What made you smile this week ? And share in the comments so we can celebrate with you.

Today, I am thankful for:

  • New gems ans new magical oils sent to me by two Sabbatical Sisters.
  • Catching up and teaming up with my darling Kindred Nancy. And for the picnic at the beach with our two families.
  • Audiobooks and music while I work.
  • Progress made on my mini-class Soul Deck.
  • My husband’s will to get in better shape and having found something we do together to become our best selves.
  • Soccer Camp organized by our friends and neighbors’ church our girls are attending this week. For open-mindness and community.
  • Danielle Walker’s book, Against All Grain. A blessing in this new nutritional path I am on now.
  • My Mom.
  • Breakthroughs. Healing. Faith.
  • the Sun’s warmth on my skin.


Around here lately In The Teal Studio

Hi guys !

I hope you’re having a good Summer in the part of the World you are (or Fall for those of you in the South Hemisphere). Here, I noticed we are about halfway through the school Summer Break, which is nice because I like back-to-school time (loved it as a child as well. yes: crazy).

IMG_20140721_153512I just go with the flow, even when it means not knowing at all what I am actually doing.

But it is nice to surrender to the process, to have this deep trust that it will come up as something inspiring eventually. To keep going, layer by layer, to listen to these beautiful Inner Voices that are whispering the next steps to follow.

Meet Faith. She is on this turbulent sea in what seems to be a very tiny boat. And despite all the wrong that could happen to her, she IS Faith. She knows that whatever happens is what is meant to be. She knows that she is protected.

(Note: this original painting is available ;))




Oh this painting. It is on a 11x14” canvas board so a bit bigger.

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed that I am currently on a roll of putting my Nixies and Sprixies in a brown and blue environment. Don’t know where it is coming from but it makes me happy so I don’t question it and go with it.

There is a big stor that I wanted to tell through this painting… and failed. But I am not giving it up yet. I put her aside, and see her everytime I go in the Teal Studio. It will come to me in a better way eventually. trust trust trust.





I decided to finally go through my way too big stash of scrapbooking paper and use it as my first layers again.

I work usually by three. I love this number, 3. So I start three canvases simultaneously.

I also reorganized my stash of surfaces and it is now easier for me to pick what I need (one with wood, one with canvas and paper, one of more or less old canvases that needs to be covered up and repurposed and this one contains A LOT ! good thing I don’t mind anymore covering up old to make new ;)).





I have new paintings in the shop that will be released very soon. If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook, you can see what I’m up to day to day :)

I am also working hard with my husband to get my classroom ready in the next few days, and hope for opening the registrations next week. Woot Woot ! I hope you will like this mini class, called *Soul Deck*.

I’d love to know, what are you creatively up to right now ?

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