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Not much time in the Studio…

… and what you don’t necessarily see/know.

For those of you not in BC (which means the vast majority) you may not know that our teachers are fighting the Government, which resulted in an early class dismissal for all the kids in public schools. So Summer Break started two weeks early for my daughters this year. Luckily, the weather is not that bad and it means they spend most of their days playing outside with the neighbors. However, it completely change my routine (and I love my routine).

I will very soon release my newest series, called Colorful Chaos (you can already see them on my Facebook page). Listing and sharing art takes a lot of time and energy, or at least I know it does for me and this is why I am almost always dragging my feet to do it. Taking pictures, resizing them, uploading them, finding the right words to share the intention behind each painting… it is not what I prefer but I take a special care in this because this is what you guys see :)

My fibro has not been really nice with me, either, and standing to paint results in plenty of pain afterwards (during the painting session itself, everything is good and it is as if fibro is not ruining my body… but it recalls itself to me as soon as I stop). I had to limit my time in the Studio, which is hard when you have so many images asking to be unleashed…

I am also changing things in this virtual space, so it makes more sense and looks more like who I am at the moment. So expect to see shifts happen here and there.

But know there is things happening behind the scenes ;)

I hope Life is treating you well, what’s going on for you ?

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My 1st creative vlog: *Scraps of Life*

Happy Monday !

I am finally sharing with you what I have been wanting to do for months (if not years now): a vlog.

It is not perfect, but I am not perfect. Yes I have an accent. Oh yes, I am a dork :p

I hope you’ll enjoy, and please don’t be shy and tell me what you’d like to see in the next edition, and if you have any question you’d like me to answer, leave a comment below to let me know.

Have fun !:


Sharing the Love #7

Welcome in this new edition of «Share the love». If you are new to my blog, this is a weekly-ish series in which I share what I am currently loving. Because I believe in the power of sharing the love instead of spreading what pisses us off ;)


It’s burger season and I can’t wait to try these unusual ones. Oh, and those fries, too.

As a Father’s day gift, my husband is joining me on my road to wellness and I offered him this to help. And about a week ago, we finally gave in and invested in this beauty. I promise it makes a difference.

And what if my dreams scare the shit out of me ? yes. I don’t want to stay stuck in WhatIfLandia.

I’m so not ashame to say out loud that selfies, some days, are what keep me sane. And self-portraits. And this summer, why not focusing on some selfie love ?

Ooooh some fun2draw things !

Sometimes, I do believe that the size does matters.

Today is the last day to sign up at the early bird price. It will be an amazing way to stay creative during the Summer.

What you may have missed from me recently: Only from the Heart, Navigating through Fibromyalgia, Wishes under the Full Rose Moon.

You might be interested in checking out the previous Sharing the Love blogposts.


Only From The Heart | New Mixed Media Nixie painting

When I’ll finally dare making a video tour of my Teal Studio, you will see how much «old» paintings I have around. Waiting to be reworked.

This is how this painting started. I started by rolling some white acrylic paint over with my brayer, but leaving some of the color showing through here and there. It brings such a good feeling of freedom. Starting anew.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about where I want to go. With my career as an artist. With my family life. With my body image. Which lead me to this realization: I can get there only by sticking to a CREATIVE DAILY PRACTICE. And with something that feels huge to me: SURRENDER.

This painting was totally me being in the flow and going with what was there, and making it work (any of you who tried to paint over this amazing Midnight color of Dylusions spray knows this is a biatch and so damn hard to do anything on top. Love it, still, but learning along the way. Thanks Samie Kira for the tip ;)).

She was in her boat, and her cloud was actually a wave when I began painting it, but then it became a cloud and then another one appeared, and another one. They are subtle and I like that.
You can't see, but the Moon is filled with nice silver fine glitter.

This Nixie is looking for a new loving home: go to my shop for more infos.

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Right Now in my world.

The weather is grey and gloomy for what could be our first day of Summer Break…

Grenouille is doing yoga in the living room.

Koala is playing with her Barbies in her bedroom.

I am catching up on the lessons I have not watched yet from SoulFood Class.

I am thinking about what I want to do with my art, the directions I want to explore, the destinations I want to reach.

I am fighting a strong headache. For the 5th day in a row.

I just subscribe to a free psychology class from Yales that I will be able to listen to while working.


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