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Only From The Heart | New Mixed Media Nixie painting

When I’ll finally dare making a video tour of my Teal Studio, you will see how much «old» paintings I have around. Waiting to be reworked.

This is how this painting started. I started by rolling some white acrylic paint over with my brayer, but leaving some of the color showing through here and there. It brings such a good feeling of freedom. Starting anew.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about where I want to go. With my career as an artist. With my family life. With my body image. Which lead me to this realization: I can get there only by sticking to a CREATIVE DAILY PRACTICE. And with something that feels huge to me: SURRENDER.

This painting was totally me being in the flow and going with what was there, and making it work (any of you who tried to paint over this amazing Midnight color of Dylusions spray knows this is a biatch and so damn hard to do anything on top. Love it, still, but learning along the way. Thanks Samie Kira for the tip ;)).

She was in her boat, and her cloud was actually a wave when I began painting it, but then it became a cloud and then another one appeared, and another one. They are subtle and I like that.
You can't see, but the Moon is filled with nice silver fine glitter.

This Nixie is looking for a new loving home: go to my shop for more infos.

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Most Days | New {Art Journaling In Motion} video

This is a quick video this week. Sharing how easy it can be to make a spread in your art journal without any crazy supplies.

As I say in the video, I use my art journal as a mirror of who I am at a precise moment (the one I stop everything, step in the Studio, open the journal and do something in it).


You know I love me some new supplies to play. So when Lindy Stamp Gang released their new kind of sprays, I could let it pass. They are in the Flat Fabio line, meaning there is no shimmer in it. However, they are more opaque, so more opaque. I really love experimenting with them and I’m already impatient for new colors in this kind of sprays.

Here is the video, I hope you'll enjoy watching my process:

Here is the supplies I used in this video (the journal is one I made myself years ago):


Do I really have to let them go ?

I am attached to every single one of my paintings this year. But there are some that I just can’t seem to let go and propose to you.

This is the case of Antonia, that I recently shared with you here. And this Nixie too, that has no name for now (she will share it with me later, I am not afraid).


It all began with a piece of round hardboard I found in my stash of stuff. Yes, I do rediscover things I had no idea where there… I covered it with scrapbook papers and tissue papers. I love adding crackle medium (I use the one from Kroma, which is local from here in Vancouver but can be found worldwide now). Once dry, I then I cleaned my palette from another painting on it, and it looked like this:


I really really wanted to use the technique taught by the amazing Mindy Lacefield in one of her online class, it became this (can you tell that at this point, I wass all lovey-dovey and could have easily left it like it was ? yes.):


I wish a picture could convey the amazingness that this step brought to the all thing. I ran my fingers over it, again and again (I am weird like that), finding the crevasses, the bumps of my signature texture that I created all around on the border, the cracks from the crackle media…

I sketched a little something I wanted to paint for my daughter’s room (it involves a unicorn, kind of) but for some reason I don’t know, it is not what appeared.

I am taking Willowing (Tam Laporte)’s class, LifeBook 2014, and this week is a lesson by another of my Kindred: Danielle Daniel. It inspired me so much that I decided to use this beautiful background instead of my journal.

I know she is FAR from being perfect, but I don’t mind. It does not bother me at all, in fact.



New play in my art journal

I am going back to it more and more. After more sketching in dedicated sketchbooks, I am now playing again in my art journals (I have two in which I paint at the moment).




(you can watch me create this spread from start to finish on my Youtube channel)

Are you an art journaler too ?


«Today, I…» | new {Art Journaling In Motion} video

This week, I decided to come back in my journal and put stamps as the heroes of my spread.

I love using Mindy’s girl stamp when I feel lazy and really appreciate the fact that is usually is a starting point for me to then «Nixie-fy» as I feel.


Here is the video, I hope you will enjoy it (please if you have any comment or question, don’t be shy !):

Don’t forget to turn the HD on ;)


This Nixie seemed a little sad, I felt like she needed a companion she could lean on, to help her bear her heavy heart. I can’t tell you what kind of animal this Sprixie is, I let you decided.

Look at the amazing shimmer that the Magical Micas are bringing to her hair and face. I simple love it !


I love using embossing powders, fell in love with them all over again. And I just wish this constellation stamp was slightly bigger, but I enjoy it anyway !


Not all the products are here, but you can see the supply I played with for this spread (click to be redirected to a detailed page):

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