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New play in my art journal

I am going back to it more and more. After more sketching in dedicated sketchbooks, I am now playing again in my art journals (I have two in which I paint at the moment).




(you can watch me create this spread from start to finish on my Youtube channel)

Are you an art journaler too ?


«Today, I…» | new {Art Journaling In Motion} video

This week, I decided to come back in my journal and put stamps as the heroes of my spread.

I love using Mindy’s girl stamp when I feel lazy and really appreciate the fact that is usually is a starting point for me to then «Nixie-fy» as I feel.


Here is the video, I hope you will enjoy it (please if you have any comment or question, don’t be shy !):

Don’t forget to turn the HD on ;)


This Nixie seemed a little sad, I felt like she needed a companion she could lean on, to help her bear her heavy heart. I can’t tell you what kind of animal this Sprixie is, I let you decided.

Look at the amazing shimmer that the Magical Micas are bringing to her hair and face. I simple love it !


I love using embossing powders, fell in love with them all over again. And I just wish this constellation stamp was slightly bigger, but I enjoy it anyway !


Not all the products are here, but you can see the supply I played with for this spread (click to be redirected to a detailed page):


My first Mermaid Nixie: Marina

I love Mermaids. And as I am not one who believes in coincidences, my daughter Koala talking a lot about Mermaids, I started to see them absolutely everywhere.

I wish I could make them as beautifully as my Sister Mindy, who creates some really gorgeous ones.

I think it is tricky to make a Mermaid painting because it can be weird to have a floating character on the painting, if you see what I mean…

I had a great amount of joy playing with my supplies. Papers, embossing powders, oil pastels (the ones I talked recently about in the products I currently love), doily, glitters, gel medium, alcohol inks and shimmery Lindy Stamp Gang products. If I’m happy with the products I am using, then I know I will stay in that happy state of mind when creating.


I believe in Atlantis. I’ve dreamt of it. Giant golden pyramids and Mermaids swimming around. Bells, Drums. Simple joy shared.

Meet Marina, she is one of these Atlantis’ mermaid.

Her message: She makes bold wishes under the Moon.

►►► Print is available in the shop (click for details).


Rory, new {Painting In Motion} video for Lindy Stamp Gang

Hey there !

I invite you to check Lindy Stamp Gang’s blog today as I am sharing the mixed media piece I created especially for the booth we will have at CHA next January.


I hope to see you there :)


New original paintings in the shop (and a sale !)

Hey there !

I am so happy to share with you today some painting you may have seen snippets of if you follow me on diverse Social Media platforms.

It’s still a bit hard for me to put paintings for sale, I  guess I take it too personally if nobody buys them but I am working on it.

(scroll to the bottom of this blogpost for more info on the sale !)

All these three paintings are Sprixies (these characters that look like nothing you know, or not exactly), created on 7.5x11” (±19x28cm) watercolor paper.

Prints are not listed in the shop, but know that it’s an option (the 8x10” print is $20+s&h). Contact me if interested.


«Reach Out» was made when I was feeling extremely lonely, forgotten, and a pretty deep sadness was filling my heart.
This is usually when I go deeper in my painting process. I lay it all out, on the surface, and cover it up with papers, and paint and goodness to bring the Happy back.

Don’t let the Sadness fills your heart for too long, it does not have to be so painful.

Find this special someone to reach out to.

Click below to see him in the shop






«Be You» is dear to me. I have a thing for Koalas, if you’ve been on my blog before you know it’s the nickname we give our little one (she is 6 ½).

As I never plan what I will paint (and if I do, it never actually turns out like I had in mind in the first place so I barely bother anymore !), I had no idea a koala-ish Sprixie would appear. But I went for it when I saw his ears and nose emerge in between the chaos that was the background.

Click below to see him in the shop *with more of his backstory*







«Remember» is a bit less abstract as you can see :)

Elephants are known for their amazing memory, so I was not that surprised when he showed up, seeing that piece of paper that made its way in my first layers.

Click below to see him in the shop *with more of his backstory*


2013.10-LeelahI love Leelah.

I am part of my dear TrueSister Mindy’s year long class called True Free Spirit (more about that soon).
For our October project, Mindy shared with us a patchwork background painting and I instantly fell in love with it. Got obsessed with it, even. I am making them with the end of my palette (because you know, I hate to throw paint away so I either create painted papers with it, or now add them to a patchwork background).

She is also created on 7.5x11” waterolor paper.

Leelah is your reminder that no matter what, go for what sparks your flame, what makes you happy, what you are passionate about.

Click below to see him in the shop *with more of his backstory*


And now for the sale !
Enter BLACKFRIDAY20 at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order. Yes, you've read it right ! See you in the shop: :)

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