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Hi guys !

I hope you’re having a good Summer in the part of the World you are (or Fall for those of you in the South Hemisphere). Here, I noticed we are about halfway through the school Summer Break, which is nice because I like back-to-school time (loved it as a child as well. yes: crazy).

IMG_20140721_153512I just go with the flow, even when it means not knowing at all what I am actually doing.

But it is nice to surrender to the process, to have this deep trust that it will come up as something inspiring eventually. To keep going, layer by layer, to listen to these beautiful Inner Voices that are whispering the next steps to follow.

Meet Faith. She is on this turbulent sea in what seems to be a very tiny boat. And despite all the wrong that could happen to her, she IS Faith. She knows that whatever happens is what is meant to be. She knows that she is protected.

(Note: this original painting is available ;))




Oh this painting. It is on a 11x14” canvas board so a bit bigger.

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed that I am currently on a roll of putting my Nixies and Sprixies in a brown and blue environment. Don’t know where it is coming from but it makes me happy so I don’t question it and go with it.

There is a big stor that I wanted to tell through this painting… and failed. But I am not giving it up yet. I put her aside, and see her everytime I go in the Teal Studio. It will come to me in a better way eventually. trust trust trust.





I decided to finally go through my way too big stash of scrapbooking paper and use it as my first layers again.

I work usually by three. I love this number, 3. So I start three canvases simultaneously.

I also reorganized my stash of surfaces and it is now easier for me to pick what I need (one with wood, one with canvas and paper, one of more or less old canvases that needs to be covered up and repurposed and this one contains A LOT ! good thing I don’t mind anymore covering up old to make new ;)).





I have new paintings in the shop that will be released very soon. If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook, you can see what I’m up to day to day :)

I am also working hard with my husband to get my classroom ready in the next few days, and hope for opening the registrations next week. Woot Woot ! I hope you will like this mini class, called *Soul Deck*.

I’d love to know, what are you creatively up to right now ?


Do I really have to let them go ?

I am attached to every single one of my paintings this year. But there are some that I just can’t seem to let go and propose to you.

This is the case of Antonia, that I recently shared with you here. And this Nixie too, that has no name for now (she will share it with me later, I am not afraid).


It all began with a piece of round hardboard I found in my stash of stuff. Yes, I do rediscover things I had no idea where there… I covered it with scrapbook papers and tissue papers. I love adding crackle medium (I use the one from Kroma, which is local from here in Vancouver but can be found worldwide now). Once dry, I then I cleaned my palette from another painting on it, and it looked like this:


I really really wanted to use the technique taught by the amazing Mindy Lacefield in one of her online class, it became this (can you tell that at this point, I wass all lovey-dovey and could have easily left it like it was ? yes.):


I wish a picture could convey the amazingness that this step brought to the all thing. I ran my fingers over it, again and again (I am weird like that), finding the crevasses, the bumps of my signature texture that I created all around on the border, the cracks from the crackle media…

I sketched a little something I wanted to paint for my daughter’s room (it involves a unicorn, kind of) but for some reason I don’t know, it is not what appeared.

I am taking Willowing (Tam Laporte)’s class, LifeBook 2014, and this week is a lesson by another of my Kindred: Danielle Daniel. It inspired me so much that I decided to use this beautiful background instead of my journal.

I know she is FAR from being perfect, but I don’t mind. It does not bother me at all, in fact.



What being in a creative funk teaches me

I can’t deny it anymore: my creative well is not empty but inspiration has not been my best friend lately…

I guess we all experience the «creative funk» once in a while. I want to create but nothing comes as I want it to. Or I simply stare at my surface and don’t know anymore what to do.
Being an intuitive artist, my sketches never end up as they are once I decide to make a painting out of it. Planning a painting is really not my thing (it used to, though, when I started my mixed media journey in 2008). Do you, too, sometimes wish that your process is different than what it is ? I surely do, and sometimes  try to change it up. Sometimes it works, but most of my attempts finish as big failure. I can’t help but go with the flow once I start.

So what do I do ? I stop comparing my path with my fellow artist friends’. I decided to take the advice «change up the medium you use and see what happens» and started a clay figurine (thanks to Mystele’s lesson in our Soul Food Class) that I still have to finish. I play more in my art journal. I stop having expectations about what I should and should not create. It’s okay to use art to process negative feelings, it does not have to be colorful and bubbly all the time. I create projects following classes I love (I highly recommend Mindy Lacefield’s and Micki Wilde’s)

I  decided to tackle my fear and I am starting again a project I had almost finished last year. But… it did not feel right so I am starting over, which feels amazing. And it changes my process a bit as I start each painting with an intention in mind, a theme, and then I surrender to whatever decides to come on the canvas.

I sketch. I practice my faces a lot lot lot. I am finally at a place where I am comfortable with how I do them and what they convey. This was part of my biggest struggle last year.

Right now, I won’t lie to you, I am torn. I know I have to continue painting and exploring and sharing. I just can’t stop. I am not a quitter. I don’t know which way to go in my creative career. I wanna touch more people. My shop is not doing well.

Here are a few lessons learned from periods of creative funk:

  • When something is not working, shift your focus onto something else
  • Creativity has many many faces
  • It’s okay to have a change in the dreams I want to work on.
  • Marketing can be heartful and spiritual. I have to figure it out. And make it work for me.
  • Create something everyday, it does not have to be a finished piece. Keep your hands moving.
  • Beating myself up does no good.
  • Looking for inspiration can result in an inspiration overload, so be careful with that.

What do you do when you feel like nothing you create is good and inspiration seems to have gone on vacay without you ? Would love to know how you deal with it :)


Create your own Project Life cards | {Creativity In Motion} video

PL-badge-2014This year again, I am doing Project Life as my main way for our family memory keeping (I will share in the future why).
This time around, I am taking what I've learned in the past couple years (well, I've been actively doing it last year only and still have to play catch up to wrap 2013 but that's okay).

I can’t stick to only one kit for example, this is just who I am. Even though I am looking at a cohesive look throughout the album, I still want this freedom of using whatever I feel like using. I love making my own cards, whether I make them as journaling cards (I can trace lines, as I am not really good at writing straight) or as filler cards (you know, when you need something to fill that spot on your page but don’t have anymore thing to say or a photo to put there).

Using my Gelli Plate make it 1)fun 2)easy 3)quick. Then, I use my Big Shot machine with the metal dies I got from The Crafter’s Workshop to cut them easily at the right 4x6” or 3x4” (Becky Higgins is coming up with her own set of dies, which will include these two kinds as well).

So I decided to make a little video (well actually, I may have one more coming next week, where I’ll show you how I made my spreads with it):

Remember to turn the HD on ;)


Are you a «Project Lifer» ? For how long ? Would it be something you’d consider doing ?

Share away ;)


{Creativity In Motion}Mixed Media altered hangers

Hey you !

Today, you can find me over Lindy Stamp Gang’s blog for my monthly project.

To start this year off right, we are trying to find ways 


Here is my process on video (remember to turn the HD on for a better experience :)):

I hope you enjoyed (don’t be shy, tell me what you think in the comments below) !

Here is the list of the products you see me use in the video (click to be taken to the info page in the shop):

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