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«Happy», new painting + {Painting In Motion} video

Cultivate the Happy is something I really want to focus on from now on. It may seem obvious to some but this is new to me. Because of the person I used to be, and the fact that some patterns are very sticky and tend to come back now and then (especially when you don’t want to, you know).


AVAILABLE: original painting for sale in the shop (prints will be made once the original has a new home)

I do believe that Happiness is a matter of everyday choices, the sum of them.

This Sprixie is well aware of the abundance of Chaos around, and sometimes inside himself too, but decided to be Happy anyway. Some people call him naïve, but he does not care because this is not his Truth and he knows better than caring too much for what they think and say about him anyway.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video:

Here are some close-ups:



New mixed media painting (+video): Anastasia

You now know my total love for Mindy Lacefield. I know for sure that she is one of these Souls I was meant to meet again in this lifetime, I simply adore her. In 2013, she offered a year long class called True Free Spirit, filled with monthly projects. Anastasia is the painting I created inspired by her December project :)


You may be aware that I am an art supply hoarder lover. I have plenty of stuff (currently in the process of sorting everything, box by box, and keeping only what I want to use). Mindy’s project reminded me that I actually have a jar of Golden crackle paste (it is very different from the Kroma crackle I usually use now), it looks like white frosting). I wanted to use it somehow. It eventually was used for her hair. Love it.


I was so eager to try the new products from the latest release from Lindy Stamp Gang. It’s a collection called Totally 80’s and designed by Cindy (aka Cynthialoowho). The colors are just amazing and I am happy she came up with them. I don’t like pink in general, except dusty rose because it is more subtle, there is a touch of mauve so it is not pinkinmyface ;)


I went with a winter theme in mind and love how it turned out, even with these two little characters that showed up. They were both pink so I decided to go for it, and add some glittered gel to make them pop a little. By applying it with my finger, I was able to create that texture I love so much.


gototheshop to purchase Anastasia. If you’re interested in a print, please contact me.

I love the different textures happening, it is definately a painting that you can discover through your touch as much than with your eyes.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video:


Here are the products I used (click to be redirected to the product’s page):


Ivy | + New {Painting In Motion} video

Oooh I love being challenged. One of my darling customer contacted me last week, telling me she needed a Nixie to be her new computer’s wallpaper. Something that will inspire her to create and to work.

You know now that I am a hundred percents intuitive when i work. I do think, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t plan ahead, I just go through my stash of papers, take paint and go from the Intention I start the process with. This customer knows about it all, so I was confident that whatever would appear on my painting, it would be what she deeply needs, no matter how scary it is for me sometimes (psss: you can contact me if you’d like a painting just for you).


Layers. It is about the layers, and daring to make bold moves. I was so scared to cover it up with that toned down pebble paint… but knew in my heart this was what the next step needed to be. And I am in love with the effect it created. It reminded me of the importance of how the brushes where meeting the surface, that depending on that was how the paint is spread (you’ll see in the video).

I am so grateful for my creative mentors and inspirations, that pushes me further.


This, right there, makes me extremely happy. I think that the texture is what makes me continue exploring again and again, and then the magic of seeing something emerging from what can seem to be Chaos.


Yes, it is far from being perfect. Far far far. But I can finally say that I am comfortable with the faces that emerge. It is what was needed a few months back when I decided I would stop creating Nixies for a while. I am still exploring but my love for them grew stronger.

Watch in HD :)


Here is a list of the supplies I’ve used for this painting. Please, feel free to ask questions if I did not talk about something that is on your mind about what is this or that ;)


Mama Moon–Harvest | + New {Painting In Motion} video


I was inspired a few weeks ago to create the 2nd painting around the Moon (if you want to know more about this series of painting, please head over here). I remember it was the week of a very beautiful Full Moon, and maybe she just whispered in my heart that it was time.

I had lots of fun playing with different kinds of papers for my first layer. Here is what I used: scrapbooking paper, art bleeding tissue paper, painted kraft paper from the papers I use to protect my work table, packagings, envelopes (the inside part), Gelli printed deli paper, music sheet


This time, I also used a masking technique while working on the Moon. But instead of masking where the Moon will be while working on the background, I masked the background (using the same paper than for the first video, you’ll see) to work on the Moon.

It is hard to picture it, but the Moon is very textured. I embossed part of it over spray ink, and splattered some more for contrast. Lindy Stamp Gang now has a very good range of products and it’s perfect whether you want to heat emboss, just add color (with or without shimmers), splatters that will look like nothing else (the list of the products I used will be at the end of this blogpost).
AND the layers of the Moon still allows to see the background here and there, which makes me very happy !


The message says «Under the big bright Mama Moon, I harvest the fruits of my thoughts».
No matter how difficult it is, I know we have power over our thoughts, and that thoughts create matters in our tangible world.

Here is the video, for you to enjoy:

Want to know more about the supplies I used ? You can click on the product’s picture to be directed to its page:


New series of painting + video | Lindy Stamp Gang October Color challenge

I am so excited but also so so nervous to talk to you guys about this new series of paintings I started… Something like this has been on my mind for a while, but I got the needed push when I watched the final video from Micki Wilde in her latest class, Wilde & Free.

LSG-colorchallenge_2013.10What a good opportunity to have Lindy Stamp Gang’s October challenge* here to actually start making the first painting of the series.

Remember, if you enter the challenge by sharing a project made following the colors scheme (you can use as few as 2 of the colors !), you can win a gift certificate to use in the LSG shop.
How sweet is that ? and fun, too. Because it is not always easy to start creating something when you have guidelines.

We (the Design Team members) creating something for you, so you can have an idea of the huge range of possibilities. We also list the products we use so you can have a starting point.


Her name is Abigail. I created her on a 10x8” canvas board, and I think I will stick to this size for all of the Nixies in this series. It is titled «Pieces of Me» (I explained the why of this series in a seperate blogpost).

I had so much fun creating the background with my LSG' Starburst sprays (the shimmery kind). It is bright green (and… well, green is not my usual go-to color, but the two I’ve used, I love: Bells Of Ireland Green and Rusty Lantern Lime). The drops of Canna Lily Burnt Orange is then added for contrast (and Abigail’s hair color remind you of this little background touch).


I love using the Color Shots (these are the same than the Starburst sprays but in a wide mouth jar) when I need a quick coloring, without the mess that spraying can be. This is what I used to color my wood veneer embellishments, you'll see how quick and easy it is in the video.
I also used embossing powder for her headband’s feathers, two coats made the trick (I am still learning tricks about using embossing powders, and my Versamark ink is now old so it does not help to get it right). Look at that gorgeous purple (it’s the Midnight Violet Obsidian)


I adore the Magical Micas for plenty of different reasons. One of them is that I can add them to gels and other mediums to tint them. This is what I did to create these dark parts on the background. However, next time I will activate the Magical with a tid bit of water first, and then add it to the gel so I am sure to get its true color (and potential).
I used two different Magicals to add a bit of contrast and interest in her hair as well.


Abigail lived during the late XVIIth century. She was raised learning the power of plants, and gems, so she could help people. She was known in her village for her kindness and selflessness; she would come by your bedside at any time of day and night if you needed her. Abigail always had the right words to reassure people, seeing the best in the darkness.

She had a beautiful companion, Raven. They were the bestest of friends, and it was not unusual to cross Abigail in the street with the bird on her shoulder, looking like they were talking to each other (which they were). Raven always knew where to find what she needed so she could gather it, and take care of it as it should.

Some would call her «Witch», frowning at her in the street, even some them were doing the sign of the Cross, thinking they needed protection.

Abigail is the sweetest young woman of all, giving her all for others, never asking for anything in return. But she was the fruit of misunderstanding and fear, and gave her life because of it…

Here is the video for you (there were some glitches, I am sorry about that. Please, remember to turn on the HD for a better experience):

Abigail. (watch in HD)

To make it easier for you, simply click on the product to be sent to its detailed page:

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