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4 things I learned regarding Art Journaling + new flip-through video


Art Journaling is a safe way to explore art, try out new supplies, let the emotions out and just play. It can be as superficial or as profound as you want it to.

Today, I am sharing with you, in video, what’s inside my big Dylusions art journal.

(Note: if you want, I can whip up a clickable list of the supplies I remember having used in this journal)


Here is, first of all, the video. Then come back to read what I have to share ;)

This journal is huge, honestly. It would have filled faster if I had commited to it on a daily basis; however I did not want to put more pressure than I could take.

Thank to this journal though, I redifined what art journaling meant to me and my entire process shifted. So yes, most of you may have thought several time something like «what the hell ? this page is not complete. at all !». Well, here are a few thoughts I thought could be interesting to share with you:

What I learned through Art Journaling

(in the past 2½ years)

It’s okay not to finish a page or a spread in one sitting

This was new to me… I used to not even understand how other art journalers could think of not finishing a page in the same session it started. Or how it was possible to have so many backgrounds ready but nothing done. Now… I get it.

Stencils and sprays (inks or paints) are my go-to supplies when it comes to art journaling. I love them and use them on almost every page, in one way are another. My art journal is also where I «clean» my stencils because every drop of spray is precious and it is so cool to see what it can create. Leftovers lover, I am ! but then, it will be the beginning of a page and I will leave it like this until I am ready to go further. You can see in the video that sometimes, I love the result of these leftovers so much that I called it done and left it like this because to me, there is shapes and colors and feelings created that are enough to feel complete.

There is not always need for a character to appear

I love seeing characters emerging from my backgrounds, whether in my paintings or in my journals. There is something truly magical about witnessing them coming to me and then bringing them to life. However, colors + words is a good combo too. Even just colors and texture.

It is not because it is what we see the most, it is not because it is the current trend, that you are forced to follow the pack. And if you do follow, it is totally fine as well.

 As long as you are happy with your own process, just go with your flow !

There is no other rule than the ones you give yourself

No rules. Good, right ? I wish it would have taken me less time to enjoy that fully without beating myself up for not doing this or doing that. It should look this way, no I can not do that. B***S*** ! I hope you know by now that you are the rule maker in your art, whatever the form you play in is. So you can change them or even erase them.

My own rules has changed over the years ;)

Be gentle wiith yourself.

I do not have to share everything that happens between the covers

Yup. As much as I love sharing my process and snippets with you guys, I had to make piace with the fact that some days, I just like to keep it to myself.

Too raw at heart. too personal. too afraid of being judged, too, to be honest (not about the artistic part of the page necessarily but about the emotions that needed to get out, the words that may appear and misunderstood…). We all tend to interprete what we see, I guess it is normal. And this is why, if you follow me on social media, you sometimes see just a piece of a page and not all of it ;) (and because I sometimes am such a tease, too ! ahah).

So don’t feel bad if you do not want to share, there is nothing wrong with that.


*Scraps of Life* vlog #2, about frustration, Studio Buddies & more

Yaay ! today is the day I share with you my second episode of *Scraps of Life*.

In this vlog, I have one or two guests. Please, scroll down to find links of what I mentionned.



Some notes about what I talked about in this episode:

* The book of Anne-Marie Jobin (in French), Le Journal Créatif.
* My amazingly talented friend Melissa, aka YellowMelle. Here is her Etsy shop and her YouTube channel.
* My KindredSister Micki Wilde's last online class is so fun and different, go check it out: An Hermit's Compendium (of imaginary creatures).
* Some of my favorite bookbinding books: Making Handmade Books: 100+ Bindings, Structures & Forms, Adventures in Bookbinding: Handcrafting Mixed-Media BooksAdventures in Bookbinding: Handcrafting Mixed-Media BooksAdventures in bookbinding: handcrafting mixed media books

3M hanging strips

Here is the finish painting I talk about in the last portion of the video:


She turned out good eventually, I am happy I stuck with her instead of giving her a total facelift (she is made of plenty of layers however).

She is looking for a new home to fill with her magick ;) Soon in the shop, but you can contact me if you are interested.M h


My 1st creative vlog: *Scraps of Life*

Happy Monday !

I am finally sharing with you what I have been wanting to do for months (if not years now): a vlog.

It is not perfect, but I am not perfect. Yes I have an accent. Oh yes, I am a dork :p

I hope you’ll enjoy, and please don’t be shy and tell me what you’d like to see in the next edition, and if you have any question you’d like me to answer, leave a comment below to let me know.

Have fun !:


Most Days | New {Art Journaling In Motion} video

This is a quick video this week. Sharing how easy it can be to make a spread in your art journal without any crazy supplies.

As I say in the video, I use my art journal as a mirror of who I am at a precise moment (the one I stop everything, step in the Studio, open the journal and do something in it).


You know I love me some new supplies to play. So when Lindy Stamp Gang released their new kind of sprays, I could let it pass. They are in the Flat Fabio line, meaning there is no shimmer in it. However, they are more opaque, so more opaque. I really love experimenting with them and I’m already impatient for new colors in this kind of sprays.

Here is the video, I hope you'll enjoy watching my process:

Here is the supplies I used in this video (the journal is one I made myself years ago):


new {Art Journaling In Motion} video | I Surrender…

… to Darkness.

Life is made of bright and dark. And I made a promise to myself to never let the dark experiences and feelings take over me for too long anymore.

How do I process them ? I acknowledge, first, that yes they are here, because I learned the hard way that ignoring them only makes it worst.
Then, I find a way to let them go. It sounds easier than it actually is for me, to be honest. But this is when my art journal comes as a life saver, for my sanity and for the well-being of those who live with me.


Here is the video for you to enjoy:

Remember to turn the HD ;)


Here is the list of the supplies I used for this spread:

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