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When art Journaling is the only thing that works

You all know I have stress management issues.
And right now, I'm going through major anxiety and stress. We are becoming homeowners for the first time, moving about 30km from where we currently live which means changing school for girls etc.
Moving has always been more or less emotional for me. I did a lot of digging and found out two years ago (when we last moved) what the trigger was. But it does not make it easier today. It simply doesn't change anything for me to know the "why-s".

I refuse to ruminate all the negative thoughts and fears that come through my mind about packing and starting some place else. It wouldn't do any good.

So instead, I art journal :) and make pretty pages with ugly thoughts buried under.

Here is what I'm currently playing with:



«Journaling Your HEart out» class video promo

April 1st is around the corner. This is when 21 Secrets will officially open its doors to the students.

And it's not too late at all to join and sign up ! Registrations are possible until October and the playground is opened until January 2013. That leaves plenty of time to enjoy all the 21 different classes at your own pleasure and pace.

As sometimes images are better than words, I did a little promo video of my class:

You can sign up here <3


It’s ok… a message brought to you by me.

I am spending some much needed time in my art journal lately. Trying to process. Trying to prettyfy some stuff that happens.

Here is a page I made today (it was already dark, I may take a better picture *or not*):

On the other side of the spread is a sketch of a Nixie, Just a sketch... no shading, no color. And I did not know if I wanted the two pages to be separated or a spread. I still don't know actually.

It says:

It's ok..:

to be mad
to be sad
to wanna give up sometimes
to feel like today is the worst one in your life
to have big hope and small dreams
to scream at the top of your lungs just to LET it GO
to smile when you feel like breaking down
to join your hands in a prayer to Whoever would just listen to you
to cry and ask for help

It's ok to have and express whatever emotion pass through you

(it just means you're alive)

If I am sharing this page with you, it's only because I feel like I was just the tool for the message. The channel so people could read these words. So people could know it is ok to feel whatever they feel.

I am struggling with my emotions right now. Not understanding them. Not being successful in processing them the way I wish I would. And I guess someone may feel the same somewhere and that this «permission slip» would reach someone who needed it.


My mantra for 2012

As I was saying last year, I don't really like taking resolutions anymore. But I do like have goals to meet when the new year begins.

This is all over the cyberweb, this trand of finding/chosing a word to define your year to come. I see mine as a personal mantra, a line of conduct, sometimes I can turn to when I feel lost and don't really know in which direction to go.

This year, my mantra is a verb. I feel it like someone whispering or yelling it (kinda) at me when needed.


Page in my Art Journal

Expand my horizons. Expand my practice, spiritual and artistic. Expand Inner Worlds even further... and I don't know what yet.

I have this gut feeling that 2012 holds a lot of deep changes. Positive ones. With some waves because without them, the ride would not be as fun, right ? A turning point. Something that will shift the rest of my life, and of my family's.

I am currently working hard on a secret project. Something I've never done before. It has been whispered to me before, suggested by friends and strangers, and was downwright told it very insistently by Angels while my Angel Attunement. It's clear: I can't deny anymore that this is something I have to do and stop being afraid of the what if-s..... Too many coincidences pushing me this way.
This is the first step in following my mantra...

Do you have a word for 2012 ? What is it about ? Tell me all about it ;)


21 Secrets is now officially open to registration !!!

I can't believe we are actually January 2nd already.

It means that 21 Secrets is officially open to registration today.

Click the image to sign up*

I am so excited that people will join us, the 21 teachers, in the wonderful adventure that will start next April. 21 workshops all centered around the world of Art Journaling.

You can see my previous posts to discover the teachers and the workshops.

I hope you will be up for months of discoveries and healing with me and the other teachers :)

* each of the teacher has an affiliate link and gets a part of the registration fee, this is how we get paid. I would be very grateful that you clink my link while you're on my blog if you consider signing in <3

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