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New mixed media paintings in the shop

Hey guys !

I know not all of you are on social media and thought I would share some new paintings that I listed in the shop recently (click on the image to be redirected on its Etsy page. Easy Peasy).



Mixed Media painting «Magic Makers» | new {Painting In Motion} video

I am SO happy to have a new video for you this week. I hope to finally be back on my week video schedule (with some twists and turns here and there).


This painting was actually by our February project over Wild Surrender, my darling Mindy Lacefield’s 6-month long class. Our theme is sailing :) I also was inspired by talks I had recently with young adult books author Heidi R. Kling about Mermaids (anyone out there watched the show H2O and its sequel-ish Mako Mermaids ? yup).

I wanted to keep their faces and features simple, as if the child I was drew them *I thought I should share that fact before you think it actually was from one of my girl*.

One belongs to the Land, one belongs to the Sea, but together they are Magic makers.

WATCH IN hd ;)

If you want a list of the art supplies I used, please just ask and I will create one that I’ll add as I usually do (I did not, for once, to be sure this blogpost will be ready as planned).

Here are some closer shots:




NOTE: this painting is looking for a new home :) You can find it in the shop.


Lindy Stamp Gang & Imaginarium Designs blog hop

Welcome to the MASSIVE Imaginarium Designs and Lindy's Stamp Gang Blog Hop!
We are so excited to have the team at Lindy's team up for a full day of creativity.

This hop will surely get your creative juices flowing so head on over to all these incredibly talented crafters to check out how they’ve combined the beautiful products from Lindy’s Stamp Gang with Imaginarium Designs fabulous chipboard, it’s a match made in color heaven!

We have a great prize for you too!

We would love for you to show some love to all our crafters and leave them a little message

You will have the opportunity to win a fabulous prize by both ID and Lindy’s Stamp Gang so please let us know that you have done so by coming back to Lindy’s Stamp Gang & ID blog at the end of the hop.

Cards for Project Life

I am doing Project Life again this year and I'm trying a new process. What I love about it is that I can create my own cards to include and not use only the official ones.


I started with two 6x4" Gelli Printed cardstock I made earlier (video to come next week). Then, I splattered with some Starburst Color Shots (Tibetan Poppy Teal, Ramblin' Rose Pink and Sweet Violet Purple Teal). It adds this shimmery plus that makes all the difference.

Then I worked on the chipboard pieces from Imaginarium.

I embossed the Sisters piece with Midnight Sapphire (from the Mad Hatter set) and Cosmic Pink Blue (from the Sweet Treats set). The blue shimmer with the baby pink rose makes both color go perfectly together (in my opinion).

For the butterflies, I cut the border to have it the right size for my card. Then I thinly applied Super Heavy Gesso with a palette knife so it 1)adds a beautiful texture 2)make my color pops even more. Once dry, I sprayed with Yellow Rose Of Texas, Canna Lily Burnt Orange and Edelweiss Moss Green. It is the perfect trio to contrast with the blue of my card.

I glued both with transparent craft glue.

Here is what they look like in my Project Life album once inserted:



Sketchbook Cover


I started by applying a thin coat of Super Heavy Gesso on both the sketchbook cover itself, and the window chipboard.

Once dry, I sprayed Edelweiss Moss Green and Cheshire Cat Cherry on the cover, and Baby Blue Eyes Aqua + Tibetan Poppy Teal on the door.

I wrote my mantra with an Embossing Pen and applied Midnight Sapphire embossing powder.

I wanted to keep it simple so did not do more on it.
As for the cards, I glued the chipboard to my cover with transparent craft glue.

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Rory, new {Painting In Motion} video for Lindy Stamp Gang

Hey there !

I invite you to check Lindy Stamp Gang’s blog today as I am sharing the mixed media piece I created especially for the booth we will have at CHA next January.


I hope to see you there :)


LSG & 7 Dots Studio Creative Hop

Welcome to LSG & 7 Dots Studio Creative hop!  We are so excited to have to amazing companies team up for a full day of creativity.  This hop will surely get your creative juices flowing so head on over to all these incredibly talented crafters to check out how they've combined the beautiful lines by 7 Dots Studio with Lindy's Stamp Gang products, it's a match made in color heaven!

We have a little surprise for you:
We would love for you to show some love to all our crafters and leave them a little message. You will have the opportunity to win a fabulous prize by both 7 Dots Studio and Lindy's Stamp Gang so please let us know that you have done so by coming back to 7 Dots Studio and Lindy's Stamp Gang blog at the end of the hop.

I love 7 dots studio, brand that I discovered through the amazingly talented Anna Dabrowska (aka Finnabair). The lines are so gorgeous that, to be totally honest with you, it is a bit intimidating to work with for me as I tend to cover up most of my paper layers in my creative process.


I started by tearing the beautiful Messy Head paper to 9x12”, I love ragged edges. Then, I mixed some Gab Me With A Spoon Gray Magical Mica with soft glossy gel medium to create a wonderful shimmery paste, that I simply applied with one of my Catalyst wedge here and there (it was helping me to overcome the «blank page» syndrom). I also used it for the top left corner.

I love love love the new dusty rose color, Bodalicious Blush, and sprayed it through a stencil as well.

Gel media and our LSG products love each other, proof is I used heavy gel with our Midnight Rendezvous Raven glitters (still from Totally 80’s) to stencil through and create her leafy wings; and then again with another stencil that I sprayed, once dry, with Icy Primrose Gold (a discontinued color) *the ink goes in the cracks and creates natural contrast*.
I used Fiber paste mixed with Time Travel Teal Magical Mica to create a great texture for her hair. I love how vibrant it stayed.


I love the short sentences on this paper, so you don’t necessarily see them at first but they are here.


I embossed the drops with Pumpkin Fiesta and Hydrangea Blue Mauve embossing powders, I did want the overlapping of the two colors so it was totally made on purpose.

Her antlers were cut out from the What Wood U Say paper, and then sprayed with Cowabunga Copper before being glued.

For her dress, I used the Sweet Dreams paper from the Dreamer collection. The fabric and colors were perfect for a dress. I did not want it to lay flat on top of the rest so I applied gel medium through a stencil, and to make it pop just a little more, sprayed with a golden Starburst Spray (as said earlier).


Her messages, Little Miracles, comes from the Messy Head Elements. I simply sprayed it with Cape Cod Coral and glued it where it seemed important.

I used Frolic In The Forest Green Magical Mica (from the Tickle Me Fancy set) for her eyes. And last but not least, I splattered the amazingly unique Sweet Violet Purple Teal as a final touch.

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Here is the list of the supplies from both brand that I used. Please, click on a product to be redirected to its page:

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