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Sugar & Spice day #2, what I learned from Mindy Lacefield

I don’t know where to begin… If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know my admiration for Mindy Lacefield (aka Tim’s Sally). I have been trying to share this with you, but keep deleting and starting again, thinking it is not matching the experience... but I guess I will do my best and see where it leads this blogpost.

I love her deeply. I remember when I contacted her, telling her I was hoping she did not think I was stalking her ! (yea… I told you already: I can become very obsessed when I love something. And it happens with artists too).

I have been learning from Mindy, online, since her first class: Paint Your Story. Holy wow, let me tell you. I then signed up for Neat stuff (which focused on using art journaling to revisit childhood memories), and I just could not pass out the chance to learn a new project from Mindy every month for a whole year… so I signed up for the amazing True Free Spirit class (and… how great is that name anyway ?).

I met amazing women (not only artists, human beings) thanks to the community that gather around her classes. I became friend with Lynda in Mindy’s classes, and we planned to share a room at the retreat but lemons came her way and she had to cancel, I dearly missed at the retreat but was with me anyway (thank you technology eh !).


My heart is so tender for all that Mindy is sharing in the world.

I was excited and nervous to meet her in person. I knew, however, that she would not disappoint me in any way (I was afraid of the other way around, shhh).


Let me tell you guys, there are no word to express how learning directly from Mindy was the whipped cream to my fresh strawberries (I love strawberries, but love them even more if paired with chantilly. now you know).

She has this thing that makes it easy, she is always looking for the fun but meaningful, as Danielle she also shares her stories in her painting (she was painting while talking with Anna *our hostess extraordinaire*, and apparently their entire conversation made it in the painting. You don’t know it if you don’t know the «behind the scenes» but I find it is magical to have this ability), and words are very important in her art as well.


Some of the things I learned from Mindy’s class:

  • My stories can be painted.
  • It does not have to look real to be real.
  • The dark places of my Soul have their importance too.
  • Cover up until you really like it.
  • My art needs both the calm and the busy.
  • I love the background making process. A lot.
  • My symbols are very important. My painting is not mine without it.
  • I have way more childhood memories than I actually recalled.
  • I love the word «Pompidou».
  • I want more poetry in my life.
  • I have things to share with the World, and will find myself through my Art (even more).
  • Oracle cards are amazing starting points.
  • There is no coincidence.
  • I actually enjoy painting with neon colors. And even start seeing neon red appearing in Nature.
  • Bunnies and Hares seem to currently have a message for me, couldn’t help but paint them.

{my art from Mindy’s class will be added soon}


Sugar & Spice Day #1, what I learned from Danielle Daniel

For the classes, we were divided into two groups, and stayed within it for the entire time of the retreat. I am sure it helped us create strong bonds (but not only).

On Thursday, we started off with Danielle. Oh Danielle... let me tell you: I've got a crush on her even before she actually shared her soulful paintings. She was still Danielle Fraser, her maiden name.
I remember when she was the owner of a bead shop; there was something regarding the pictures of her in her blog/website that just resonated with me on a deeper lever (I know I sound totally crazy, but I'm totally okay with that). And I remember when she announced that she was closing her store, how afraid I was to see her disappear from the cyberspace I was happily following her in.

I can't say why but my Soul felt connected to her (ok... now you do think I am a total nutjob), I think it is just difficult to really explain the feeling if you've never experienced it before, yourself (did you ?).
A while back, I contacted her to tell her the Truth: how much I loved her artwork, how happy I was to know she was a fellow Canadian even if it is like the other side of the World because of the distance, and more I guess that I don't really recall of. But I told her: «we will meet someday. I don't know when. I don't know where. but I know we will meet eventually.» And we did :)

Yours truly & Danielle

I could not wait to hug her and learn from her.
Because she was (and still is somehow) a teacher for so many years, this is flowing in her veins. Danielle's heart lays in story telling. In each and every of her paintings but also in the forms of words (can't wait to know more about her book); she uses both to express her stories, the ones of her ancestors and what is true to her. She lead us through what she jokingly called «quick and dirty writing», and... well, quick and dirty it was. No time to think. Let the hand writes, the mind answers, and then move on to something else.

There were lots of tears during her class, emotions were released, into our writing, into our paintings. I felt so safe not to be ashamed of my tears for once. I was understood. We were her first class, I know she was nervous but she rocked it more than she even thinks. She is gentle, she is honest, speaking her truth (as her tattoo says ;)) is what matters to her and she passed it on perfectly to us.

Some of the things I came home with, learned from/thanks to Danielle:

  • Be proud of who you are
  • There is no story that can not be told somehow
  • How to create brown skin Nixies
  • Words and Images have to be linked for me to be really happy with what I do
  • There is nothing to be ashamed of when tears fall from my eyes
  • You can be both sensitive AND strong
  • Beauty is everywhere
  • I still love writing
  • No dream is too big
  • It's okay to have an evolution in our process
  • Speak your Truth(s), no matter what.

I will be forever changed by this day with Danielle as my teacher...

Here are some of the paintings that I created during this class:


Gratitude Friday 06/14/2013, Thank you perfect timing

Gratitude Friday is a weekly ritual I started in order to focus on all the small and big positive things that happened during my week. I invite you to join me, you'll see how much being thankful can change your life. If you want to know more about it, read my introduction post.

Hello !

What a week ! It was emotionally and creatively hard to come back from the retreat. Not that I didn't want to be home, but it was such a buzzing energy in each class, the excitement of learning, of expressing our stories, of trying new techniques and new supplies... Let me tell you, I had to push away the Gremlins and go to the studio to get my hands moving. They were itching to paint again but I was afraid to have forgotten what I've learned *yay for notes scribble all over my journal that I kept with me at all time !*

My heart expanded during these moments on the water. It is now filled with even more Love, with a sense of purpose a bit more anchored (I do know, now, for sure, that I am here to share. I am here to create.), with new friends, with the deep knowing that I belong to the sea, I do.

This week, I am thankful for:

  • Playtime. Funtime.
  • The immense chance I had to go to an art retreat.
  • The people I met there.
  • New possibilities.
  • Friendships. old, new and in between the two.
  • Taking the time to come back to music theory.
  • Finding my deeper voice and expressing it.
  • Stories. All of them. Mine, theirs, yours.
  • Taking chances.
  • Connection with Nature.
  • Good food (very good food).
  • Sushi.
  • Laughter.
  • The Sun light when it comes up and when it comes down.
  • Memories.

What is filling your heart with Gratitude right now ?

If you wrote your Gratitude Friday on your blog, don't forget to enter your NAME and URL below so I'm notified and can come to read you (you can also join by commenting this post):

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    My lessons learned from attending an Art Retreat

    (I told you yesterday I was in list making mode... I was not kidding)

    Sugar & Spice was my first one. I've been dreaming of attending retreats for at least four years, but there was always something that came up and I could not go eventually. But you know how I do firmly believe that everything happens for a (good) reason, and there was no coincidence here (yes, I would have loved to be at least at one Artfest, but I am now okay that it did not happen for me; and for the other ones, I know it will work out).

    Everything settled down perfectly for me to go in Port Townsend last week. My Mom is here from France, I had a ride with Nancy to get there, three of my favorite artists were the teachers, it was in Port Townsend WA so the closest place in the US from where we live... yes, there was stress in the process, but it all turned out perfectly.

    Port Townsend, WA. June 2013

    I learned a lot, not only about creative process, but about myself as a Woman, about myself regarding my place in my family, about myself as an Artist, about myself as a friend...

    In this retreat, I learned that

    • I really found my Half in my Husband and it's hard to be without him.
    • I belong to the water.
    • My happy place is always found when I create.
    • Wine is not that bad.
    • No dream is too big to come true.
    • Food is really a huge part in my life, still.
    • Writing makes me go deeper and deeper within myself.
    • Words and Images cannot go without each other in my artwork.
    • Quirky is good.
    • I think I've finally found my true calling.
    • I can be understood by total strangers.
    • Layers upon layers is what makes my heart sing
    • I really want to cultivate the Happy. Everyday.
    • I want to be successful, in my own definition of it {I needs to find my way, to let my people find me}.
    • I have Stories to tell. That my Truths matter.
    • My tears have their own purpose.
    • Sharing needs to happen more often.
    • Age is something that absolutely doesn't matter in a relationship.
    • Road trips make me happier.
    • I am a true hugger. And I love it.
    • I want to embrace who I am. 200%.
    • Learning is another of my deep passions.
    • My Soul longs for symbols. And that's okay.
    • My body is my temple, I need to honor it, to take a better care of it.
    • I am a passionate person.
    • I am longing for connections. In real life. Face to face. (but the internet is nice too).
    • I can trust my gut feeling when I do feel that special something regarding someone. I'm not that crazy.

    This truly was as life changing as I thought it would be.

    I left feeling that growth spurt of my Soul, my heart bigger.


    When a new mantra forces its way in {It’s okay}

    IMG_0131I believe in positive affirmations and how, coupled with concrete actions, they can change our lives. I've witnessed their power myself many many times and find it weird that I totally stopped for a while. Doubt is never too far I guess.

    My heart feels so fulled, I feel like it is going to explode without warning at any moment.
    During the retreat, I caught myself repeating again and again (either out loud or just thinking it)«It's okay».

    It's okay to be here.
    It's okay to be emotional.
    It's okay to share.
    It's okay to be myself (without any mask).
    It's okay to be in that hotel room by myself.
    It's okay to get out of my comfort zone.
    It's okay to tell my Truths (in words, in paintings).
    It's okay to revisit old emotions and old stories.
    It's okay to cry.
    It's okay to laugh out loud and giggle snort in public.
    It's okay not to have the perfect straight hair I am longing for.
    It's okay to love art supplies so much.
    It's okay to create weird and unusual art.
    It's okay to BE weird and unusual.
    It's okay to stay silent for a while.
    It's okay to be a living paradox.
    It's okay to have a girlcrush on someone you feel connected to.
    It's okay to live a wide ray of emotions, all in one day (or less).
    It's okay to paint girls who have no mouth and not to explain how come they don't.
    It's okay to say «I love you» to someone you just met (not talking about a guy, love my man too much to see somewhere else ;)).

    Guilt tends to arrive very easily in my Life. But I am ready to let her go (I know she'll still visit me from time to time, but that's okay too).

    I think that Acceptance may be one of the biggest lesson I have to learn in this current lifetime. I made lots of improvements on that front, but I am aware that there is still a long road ahead of me... and that's just okay to be in the in-between stage and stay there for some time. No rush.

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