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"Experience your good now !" or how to improve your life thanks to Positive Affirmations

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I'm really please to talk about the new Louise L. Hay book that is released today: "Experience your good, NOW". As you know, I am an Advanced Reader Reviewer for Hay House and I was thrilled to read this book.
Did you ever wonder what are the Positive Affirmations everybody seem to talk about, and how it concretely work ? If the answer is "yes", this book is what you need. It's also perfect if you want to improve specific areas of your life but don't really know how to do so.

First of all, I love two things about this book: its square size, that can fit my handbag really easily (as I already told here, I have the habit to read to books at the same time: one while I'm alone in the public transit, and the other one at home; so I need a book that is not too big nor heavy for the bus).
And the second thing I like the most is that a CD is included with the book, so I can listen to it wherever I want (I put it on my iPod). I loved this principle with her book "Yes, I can do it" that has also a CD included.

This book makes me happy because it does not guilt me for the negative thoughts I can sometimes have (about myself or about anything). Because yes, I'm aware that regarde Positive Thinking, people tend to either think it's awesome, or it's bullshit. When it comes to the power of Manifestation, we forget that the thinking is most of the process but it's not the only thing that we have to take care of (I may talk about it later if you are interested).  I must confess something: a few years ago, one of my dear friend had the habit to use Positive Affirmations; when she told me "every morning, I look at me in the miror and repeat a few positive sentences", I repressed a laugh and thought it was weird. The first impression is not always good, we have to keep our mind open to what we don't know.
Today, I know it works because I experienced it. I'll tell you a short story: I used to be very sick since I was born. Every winter was kind of terrible as I got every virus that crossed my way. About two years ago, I was fed up with always being sick and I told myself "My health is good, my body is strong and resistent". And I started to felt that way, I let go off the fear of getting sick, and trust me or not but I never got sick again as I was before, or for two days maximum. Because my mind and my body are now balanced together...

Here is the index of the book:

What are Affirmations ?
Affirmations for Health
Affirmations for Fearful Emotions
Affirmations for Critical Thinking
Affirmations for Addictions
Affirmations for Forgiveness
Affirmations for Work
Affirmations for Money and Prosperity
Affirmations for Friends
Affirmations for Love and Intimacy
Affirmations for Aging

Some final thoughts
About the author

I was also a lot inspired by what Louise Hay says before her introduction:

Affirmations are like planting seeds in the ground. First they germinate, then they sprout, and then they shoot up through the ground. It takes time to go from a seed to a full-grown plant. And so it is with affirmations-- it takes some time from the first declaration to the final demonstration.
Be patient.

The metaphore with the plant talks to my Soul, it connects with something inside of me. I hope it is the same for you. It reminds me of a page I made in my Journal last year, a seed slowly growing to see the sky and go out of the ground, with a root firmly attached in the earth...

The book is original in the way for each area, it starts with a check-list of emotions related to this area. Then, the author explains us some things, and propose us some exercises to shift our way of thinking; at the end of each part the emotions of the beginning are reviewed and linked with a positive affirmation to erase it and build the positive thought that will replace it.
If you have a Journal, use it as a companion through this process. I don't recommend to write directly on the book, as you may want to do the exercises and check-lists more than once.

And you know what ? In celebration of the release of this book, Hay House is offering the chance to win a spot on their reknown I Can Do It ! Caribbean cruise !!! It happens from January 28th to February 4th 2011.
Enter to win at
I dream of attending this cruise for more than a year now, it surely is a life-changing experience, in my opinion.

Do you use Positive Affirmations in your life ? How did you discover it ? Tell me about it, I'd like to hear your stories :)

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