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Mama Moon, a new series of paintings | new {Painting In Motion} video

I have had this in my Heart for a long long time (like a lot of my ideas, actually), until I finally jumped and get to it.

At first, I thought this series about my love for the Moon would be called «Moonlandia», but at the end if this one, which is the first and titled «Healed», «Mama Moon» imposed itself. Which I could not resist.


This serie is, to me, about letting my Intuition rule. May seem simple, but it is not… for example, I knew I wanted to block in my Moon but was so loving the background going on that I pushed that steps for a few days before going for it. And I am blissed I actually did it because I so love this painting…


I like that it allowed me to go around my comfort zone. I found my Happy again.

I even played with glitters. I mean… come on ! Lindy Stamp Gang now has some glitters and I love love love using them here and there. You’ll see that I’m really carefree when it comes to it ;)


This painting is full of my personal symbols. full. And as long as I know they are here, covering them up was not what makes it difficult. I just love the background so much… I pondered blocking in, or blocking out.

I love purple, this is why I chose several purples Starbursts (=shimmery) and one Flat (one color like you’re used to). I could never go back to another brand than LSG for my sprays, and trust me I was a long time fan, before joining their Design Team a few months ago (dream come true).


The message came intuitively, no thinking involved (other than «will this amazing pen work or no on my textured background ??»)

Ok, the video will speak for itself. But please, if you have any question, do ask (here or on Youtube).

Here is the video, I hope you enjoy:

Here is a list of the Supplies I’ve used (click on the image of the product to learn more about it):

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    Superbe, j’adore ;)

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