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A glimpse in my latest Art Journal ? {Video}

Coucou !

As promises, here is the flip-through video of my second Art Journal. I love it ! But I have also noticed that the feeling is different from what I felt when I finished the first one.

I love glancing through the journals and see the evolution in front of my eyes since July 2008 when it began for me. It is just obvious and magical. I see the positive changes that happened in me, the discoveries. And my journal is now essential to me alongside my spiritual path...

This week, I wondered a lot about what would my daughters see about me in these journals in a few decades. Will they continue to explore and play in their own journals as they love to do now ?

Here is the video:

You can head on my YouTube channel to watch my previous videos if you want:


Gratitude Friday 03/04/2011, don’t forget the book giveaway !

Gratitude Friday is a weekly ritual I started in order to focus on all the small and big positive things that happened during my week. I invite you to join me, you'll see how much being thankful can change your life. If you want to know more about it, read my introduction post.

Hello !

March is already there. March !!! In a few weeks, my baby Koal will be celebrating her 4th birthday. And Spring will officially be there...

This week, I am grateful for:

  • This big canvas I am currently creating on, not a size i am used to but perfect for what I am doing on it.
  • My new personal project, that already shows some changes inside myself (!).
  • British singer Adele's songs, that I am listening to in repeat mode this week. Especially the songs "Lovesong" "Someone like you" "He won't go" & "Rolling in the deep".
  • Today is Friday AND payday for my husband.
  • I won a spot on Traci Bautista's online class called "Discovering Y.O.U." about discovering how to market our art business (and more, I simplify it).
  • For the first time this morning in about two weeks, I woke up headache free !
  • I am still losing weight.
  • The Universe is with me; I feel listened to and supported.

And don't forget about my book giveaway, still open to participations for a few days. You can win the latest book of Marianne Williamson titled "A course in weight loss, 21 spiritual lessons to surrendering your weight forever".

If you wrote your Gratitude Friday on your blog, don't forget to enter your NAME and URL below so I'm notified and can come to read you (you can also join by commenting this post):

  1. Lucy
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Going back to simplicity

I dedicate this post to my BIG Sister Lisa Wilson ;) She'll know why.

I used to be all Black. No White, no Grey, no Colours. Just Black. It was easier to hide, to fit in that way.
And then I flipped.

For some times, I colored my world with plenty of flashy colours. So was my art. So it is still today. It is like I put on canvas and paper what I would like my Universe to look like.
I thought I've found myself. But I realized this week that I didn't. Because all these bright colours are not me more than pure Black alone.

Where am I going ?

Who Am I, deep down the bones ?

I am still exploring. And this is why I love my art journal so much, it is the best tool for me to dig, to find, to discover. Because it is something that really matters to me. Even if I know it is the work of an entire life, I am only 25 and life is still ahead of me (knocking on wood).

I currently need softness. More simplicity. And I got this by doing a page in my art journal. Obviously.


Art Journal Love Day ! It all begins with self-love.

On Valentine's day was the first edition of Connie's Art Journal Love Day.

This is a HUGE party celebrating our love for our Art Journal.

I have been art journaling for 2 years 1/2 now. Only. Like it's been forever, like a part of me I cant get rid of.

My art journal and I are in love, he forgives me the long time no see and greets me with open arms everytime I come back to him, with a smile and a " I missed you dear !".

To make it fun, she is having a giganormous giveaway on her blog, where people are giving aways stuff and sharing about their art journals. Find more about it here: Art journal love day party.

Here is my participation.

I really really like how it turned how. I love using india ink and my nib pen; it reminds me the long pages I used to write with one when I was a kid (and my hand full of ink that wouldn't go away).
This is a continuation of what I was talking about in my last blogpost, that it finally all begins with self-love.

I tried to do a brown-skin girl, and the result is not good. There is copic markers (that do not like my journal paper at all as blending was just impossible to achieve), fluid acrylic and panpastels just for the face :s. Next time, I will try with my NeoColors II, may be easier.
I like her anyway !

It is a huge breakthrough for me... it all begins with self-love.


52 paintings #4, I make One with my Dark Side {New Video}

Hello !

I hope you all had a Valentine's day filled with Love.

Sometimes though, I feel like I don't belong anywhere, that people do not like me (and/or what I create), that all is just a giant facade we are all part of. And the darkness begins to make her way inside, again.
With time, I realized that fighting it is vain. Tiring. But going with the flow with the will not to be drowned helps to keep this sensation short. For me, at least. It was a huge lesson I learned the hard way because I used to let the darkness win.

Acceptance, again and again. It IS hard, isn't it ?

Do not feel guilty for having negative thoughts running through you, because your thoughts are not necessarily you. And it happens to all of us.

You will think you landed in Fluffy Bunny land but I do feel that Love, self-love especially, is the answer. Love yourself and people will love you. I thought it was just a nice quote before experiencing it myself. I don't say this is easy, because this is not. When it comes to body image and how afraid I am of what people may think of me, it is a permanent struggle. But it does get better.

Painting and art journaling is my way of pulling out everything. And I am currently in needs of working on my Dark Side. So this is the first thing that came out, and it is also the fourth painting for our 52 paintings in 52 weeks challenge (i love this so much !).

I will post a picture as soon as I can, I am currently experiencing internet issue on my laptop, where all my stuff is located.

Here is the video:

I hope you enjoyed (it is not the best quality and I am sorry about that. Dealing with Vancouver cloudy weather).

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