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Up and Down. And up… and Down. Afraid of change ?!

I sometimes think of myself as a Lunatic.

My mood goes up and down and up and down again. It is exhausting. And even if I try to stop it, all I can do is go with the flow. I don't know if it is linked with my fibromyalgia or not, and honestly I don't even care.

It feels like I am absolutely not in control of my feelings. Which actually may be just a truth admist other truths, no ?
Just so you know, despite the fact I was born under the stellar sign of the Virgo, I am not that much of a control freak. I am a lot of things but not that. Or not for everything (just have a look at my home mwahahah).

Today, something HIT me in the face. I was wondering why this week was so hard for me creatively speaking. How come none of the paintings I started brought a«WOOOOOW I so love this one» like it happened almost everytime this year. And then... I realized that this weird flower-headed creature that emerged today holds the key to my answers: she is different. In everything I do, she is different. The painting, my process, her.

And then I asked myself some more: but why does this feel so damn hard ? this is not the first time I do something different.
Yes. But before, I was the one chosing to step outside of my comfort zone, to explore things. Since «Fierce», I have this weird sensation to be more of a channel than anything else. I don't know what will decide to show up in the painting until it's actually there (it's like that for my Nixies as well, though). I'm okay when it's a Nixie, no matter what she looks like, but then I see it and freak out. WHAT's THAAAAAAAAAAAAAT (you see the famous painting «the scream» by Munch... yep that is what I look like heee).

I realize that the reason why I am afraid when I discover it is a weird non-sense creature that is on my painting instead of my usual Nixie is because it is not something I am expecting. If that makes sense.

But I remind one of the biggest lesson I've learn in this lifetime: ACCEPTANCE IS THE KEY.

I learn to let go of my expectations.
I learn not to be afraid.
I learn to accept to be a channel.
I learn to love what I create, no matter what it is.
I learn to love the downs as much as the ups. Because this is what Life is made of.

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The Burning Question: What’s your purpose for money ?

This is my first participation at fellow Vancouverite personality, Danielle Laporte. I've been wanting to answer one of her burning question for a long time but of course, I never did.

Today's question is just happening at a perfect timing for me (thank you to the Universe for your silly synchronicities).

Danielle asks a question on her website and simply invite people to share their answers.

I quote her:

When you establish your purpose for money, you have a rudder to help guide your purchases, investments, donations, savings—all the things that you do with money.
You also motivate yourself to go get what you want the most.

So... What's my purpose for money ?

  • Have everything I need/want to create artwork that heals me and inspires other.
  • Own a beautiful home in Vancouver area. Spacious enough to fit us 4. To host family and friends. To work. Decorate it so it truly reflects who we are, as a family and a whole, and as individuals.
  • Gift my close relatives and friends with what makes their heart sing to them.
  • Buy organic on a regular basis.
  • Travel and discover the World, even the close places. Visit family and friends that live so far away.
  • Buy art that uplifts my Soul.
  • Not to worry anymore to pay all our bills on time and still be comfortable.
  • Have date nights with my husband once a month (= having a regular babysitter, paying for the restaurant etc)
  • Make this big dream come true.


It’s ok… a message brought to you by me.

I am spending some much needed time in my art journal lately. Trying to process. Trying to prettyfy some stuff that happens.

Here is a page I made today (it was already dark, I may take a better picture *or not*):

On the other side of the spread is a sketch of a Nixie, Just a sketch... no shading, no color. And I did not know if I wanted the two pages to be separated or a spread. I still don't know actually.

It says:

It's ok..:

to be mad
to be sad
to wanna give up sometimes
to feel like today is the worst one in your life
to have big hope and small dreams
to scream at the top of your lungs just to LET it GO
to smile when you feel like breaking down
to join your hands in a prayer to Whoever would just listen to you
to cry and ask for help

It's ok to have and express whatever emotion pass through you

(it just means you're alive)

If I am sharing this page with you, it's only because I feel like I was just the tool for the message. The channel so people could read these words. So people could know it is ok to feel whatever they feel.

I am struggling with my emotions right now. Not understanding them. Not being successful in processing them the way I wish I would. And I guess someone may feel the same somewhere and that this «permission slip» would reach someone who needed it.


Paving Our Path, February 2012

Today is the already the third edition of this monthly section, Paving Our Path, I do with my friend Anu from My Courageous Life. We write our hopes and wishes for the month becoming. Just paving our path with good intentions.

What a month January has been ! We've seen my mom go back to France (where she lives) after having her by our sides for three very great months and honestly, it's been ten days or so now and it still feels empty without her...

While I am typing this, I am noticing something that is strange: I have no idea what I did write for my previous letters to the Universe. I can not tell you if what I wished for actually was granted or not (I will check though). This is what I call letting go (me the Queen Of I Keep everything tightly attached emotionally) ;-)

And from this month on, we have a pretty button to accompany our blogposts, yaaay !
I will add Anu's link as soon as I have it to share with you.

Dear Universe,

My heart feels heavy, and as February is the Month of the year where Love is all around, please fill me in; I promise to give back as much as I can, to anyone who needs it.
Please, help me to focus and inspire me to make the best class I could for 21 Secrets. I hope to help people heal by sharing my own process...
Give me the strength to go on my path of a better life for myself, better eating, exercising despite the fibro that seems to get harder and harder on me as the time passes. Help me to accept that pregnancies changed my body, and that what it looks like now after having given birth twice at now 26yo is not put into stone, I can still make it something I enjoy looking at in the mirror, a skin I feel good being inside of.
If you can send some clarity my way, some signs you know I will understand, feel free to do so. I am open to receive them now.
I feel lonely most of the time, a bit of company from someone more that 6 years old would be appreciated. Have you seen how I try to get off my butts to reach out ?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



My mantra for 2012

As I was saying last year, I don't really like taking resolutions anymore. But I do like have goals to meet when the new year begins.

This is all over the cyberweb, this trand of finding/chosing a word to define your year to come. I see mine as a personal mantra, a line of conduct, sometimes I can turn to when I feel lost and don't really know in which direction to go.

This year, my mantra is a verb. I feel it like someone whispering or yelling it (kinda) at me when needed.


Page in my Art Journal

Expand my horizons. Expand my practice, spiritual and artistic. Expand Inner Worlds even further... and I don't know what yet.

I have this gut feeling that 2012 holds a lot of deep changes. Positive ones. With some waves because without them, the ride would not be as fun, right ? A turning point. Something that will shift the rest of my life, and of my family's.

I am currently working hard on a secret project. Something I've never done before. It has been whispered to me before, suggested by friends and strangers, and was downwright told it very insistently by Angels while my Angel Attunement. It's clear: I can't deny anymore that this is something I have to do and stop being afraid of the what if-s..... Too many coincidences pushing me this way.
This is the first step in following my mantra...

Do you have a word for 2012 ? What is it about ? Tell me all about it ;)

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