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Layer Love: on my way to create backgrounds for my handmade 2nd Art Journal

You may know that I fell in love with Creative Journaling about one year ago (a little bit less than that, actually) thanks to Anne-Marie Jobin's excellent books. Then, I don't remember how but I discovered Suzi Blu on her YouTube channel and that was amazing...
Creative Journal & Art Journal are kinda different, not exactly the same; but I mix both in my way and do what I like as I want it to be. FREEDOM !

Now, I'm a member of Vivian Bonder's workshop called Art Journal Series. I'm in love again... The music she uses in her vids is absolutely awsome and all these technique... I'll show you what I've already done. She inspires me so much, that I decided to go ahead of my fear and to start the creation of my first handmade Art Journal. And it begins by creating backgrounds.

Last week (I think it was last week...), I watched this video that promotes Julie's Layer Love workshop. She'll teach us how to create background with acrylic. It just looks awsome ! Videos twice a week and so on...

Mixed Media Painting with artist Julie Prichard from Julie Prichard on Vimeo.

See how Suzi & Julie are crazy ?! I LOVE it :D So I'd love to be the lucky one who will win the free tuition for this worshop ;)

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