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The power of Positive Affirmations

We have ONE big dream that, by miracle, could become true.

As I told you about a few weeks ago, we are looking for a home. We want to buy one, indeed. But here in Vancouver, real estates are out of reach for most people. I mean, we need a big downpayment just for the bank to look at our case (and it's just the beginning).

We found a house. No, we found THE house. It's ideally located, it looks like the house of our dreams (you know, when you talk about all the fency things you would like your home to have...), it would just be perfect for our, and for receiving family and friends from France, I could have my own art studio, my husband could have a room for work and so on. Perfect !

Affirmation-EverythingINeedBut... this house currently costs nearly 3 millions of canadian dollars. Yes. We don't have that money. Not at all, in fact. But I am certain that this house is OUR home. So I made a DreamBoard, with a picture of it, the description found on the internet, and some positive affirmations I want to say when I look at the board.

Moreover, I also visualize every night before sleep, and I repeat a couple of positive affirmations.

And an image came into my mind: a Trollette (it's just the name I gave to the girls I draw), arms wide opened, with hearts and money flowing to her from the sky. I felt the urge to pull her out of my mind so this is what I did. And I stamped my positive affirmation, corresponding to the message.

I think I'll scan the page, and print it. In that way, I'll be able to have a look at it whenever I want to :)

Do you use the Power of Positive Affirmations ? Do you know what it is ? How does it work for you ?

I don't know if it's linked but I suffer of big headaches since the day I started my "positive workout" :(

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