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When people move all together…

I can not not to share it with you, it is so HUGE !

You may know who is Oprah Winfrey, even if just her name rings a bell in your head.

A few days ago, her staff organized (to celebrate the 24th season of her show) one of the biggest flash mob ever (if your not familiar with the concept, a flash mob is a gathering of people who meet in a public place and perform something unusual, it can be anything, and then they leave as if nothing happened. The surprise is the key): about 21,000 persons gathered to a Black Eyed Peas show and started to dance, the same routine. 21,000 persons !!!!! Oprah had NO IDEA of what was about to happen...

It gives me chills... all this energy, it's absolutely stunning !

Quoting Oprah herself: "this is the COOLEST thing EVER !!".

Look at this:

It makes me think: if people can gather in such a huge mass, just to dance and enjoy and have a good time, what if we do use our Positive Energy to change the World, to evolve all in a new Level... Hmm I'm dreaming...

It also make me think of "Pay It Forward", I love that movie so much. My thoughts are running in my head and you'd think I'm kinda crazy and would be lost but WOW !

And here is the link for the making-off.

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