Inner Voices

Committing day after day

In 2011, I decided to completly accept that I am an artist and once this was triggered in my heart, there was no way back possible.

I am not an artiste because I opened an Etsy shop to try to sell some of my work, but because I knew I simply was a creator.

Creative when I cook for me and my family.
Creative when I write just not to forget. just to get it OUT.
Creative when I let go all of my fears in the pages of my art journals.
Creative when I put paint on canvas/wood/whatever and see a face appear, and hear the Nixie telling me her story, her message.

What is being an artist, really ? What does it mean for you ? I am pretty sure we all have different visions of it. And this is something I love because it is so personal and yet so universal at the same time.

When I look at my daughters (currently 5 and 6½) drawing, doodling, scribbling, dancing, singing, inventing poems and songs about their daily life and their «right now», I am purely in awe. It comes naturally, they never second-guess themselves. They just are creative, because we all are until we let doubt and comparison and self-destructive thoughts take over it. I wish for them to last forever and ever.

Every single day, I commit to creativity. In any form.
Painting makes me happy. Keeps me sane. And makes me kinda go out of my body for a while. So I just keep doing it, day after day.
Cooking is also central in my life.

No matter how in pain my body is, how tired I feel, how loud my mind screams not to do anything, I have to listen to my Inner Voice and make something. Just a little thing sometimes. It is enough.

There are phases when I don't wanna do anything, it happens and I go with it. Trying not to make it last too long though because once I let it go, it is harder to come back to it. And I have to come back to it, to listen to the calling.

I don't blog as much as I would like to, because I prefer now to be in my «real life», but I try to share a lot via flickR and facebook. So head over there to keep in touch, I would love to learn to know you :)

Sneak peak at my three latest Nixies. I will soon share their stories:

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    I guess today really is a day for introspection. I just got back from lunch with a friend and we were talking about how I feel stuck. i’m still doing my art but at the same time I feel like I’m not.

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    indigo carlton says:

    every day… yes, taking a break does make it harder to come back to it… something… every day! beautiful post Nolwenn!

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