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Coming home


What does coming home mean ? To me, it has to do with being at peace. In my body. In my Soul. Coming home has to do with the feeling of belonging. Of knowing everything is as it is supposed to be.

Smell is very important in my feeling of «being home». Sometimes we are walking in the street and a smell coming

We went away for 7 days. As a family, we never went away that long together. There was excitation and nervousness very well blended with one another. Being a parent can be tough, heartbreaking but witnessing the joy in your kid eye is priceless, encouraging your child to go further the fear and see them soar. Yes, it kind of make up the difficulty.

This break brought me even closer to him. Didn’t think it was even possible. He got my heart on the first day we talked, computer screen to computer screen, almost 11 years ago. He is home, he is where I belong.

Coming home is honouring my roots. The ones I was born with. The Ones my chose decided long ago they were meant to grow by myself.

The Ocean is
my Home.
My Soulmate is
my Home.
France, French Guyana, Canada are
my home.
Messy hands is
my Home.
They arms, right there, is
my Home.
Stirring meals with loving intentions is
my Home.
Being of service to you is
my Home.


Gratitude Friday, thank you road trip

Welcome on a new edition of my weekly ritual, Gratitude Friday (if you are not familiar with it, please go read how it came up and what it is about).


I am writing from an hotel room in Portland, Oregon. We went here last year just after Christmas and fell in love with the city. As I told you earlier, we were in a strong need of a breather and decided to go away for a week.

We have a list of what we would like to do but no real plan, to be honest. And it's okay.

This week, I am thankful for:

  • Hitting the road and all the good things that come with it
  • Taking more pictures and this deep desire to learn more about photography
  • My husband
  • Love
  • Rest, kind of anyway
  • Water
  • Witnessing my daughters' worlds and personalities
  • Abundance
  • the astrological birth chart book I ordered to KV (the Aquarius Nation)
  • my Sabbatical Sisters

How was your week, tell me <3




Sometimes, the burnout let himself be known only when it is already too late... when you are exhausted mentally, when the body is just following even less than its usual.

My husband I and I have been working a lot in the past months and we have no support system to wind down (except for our glass of wine at dinner... which is not a real good helper), so we decided it was okay to take the girls out of school for a week (but they took work to do so they do not get behind) and head the road to go to Portland for several days after some time in our neighbour State of Washington.

As I am typing, we are in our final stretch, and will stay in this hotel until we go home on Saturday.

So just an advice... take care of yourself before everything give way.

This year has been big for me in learning to listen within, to go deeper into self-care, while leaving Guilt at the door. Hot baths for hours, rest, better eating, morning walks, self-portraiture... these are my go to when I feel life is becoming too full for my heart.

Life visioning. Words spinning. On the floor.

Life visioning. Words spinning. On the floor.


They said

CG1I decided, at last minute, to jump and sign up for Hannah Marcotti’s online class called Community Grace. See, I have been following Hannah and her work for a while and she whispers to my Soul and amazes me at several levels. I even told her I wanted to be her BFF ahah *oh yes I did say that*. A Sister told me praises about it and that she was already signed up. A familiar faces. An unexpected «I love her too» and that was it.

In the prompt #3, Hannah invited us to gather words said to us in our already existing community. By our friends, our lovers, our family… whoever. And to focus on them. To let them sink in. Their meaning. Their beauty.

I wanted to share some of them with you today.

She said, we’re in this together.

He said, you are stronger than you think.

They said, Aho.

He said, thank you for being a wonderful friend.

She said, I see you.

She said, you are not a monster.

She said, you need a break; come here, my door is wide open.

She said, and baby girl you shine.

She said, I love your hair.

She said, you’re beautiful.

She said, you are one special Sister.

She said, you are the best mama a girl can have.

She said, yes of course you love them.

She said, there are no coincidence.

She said, we’re Old Souls.

She said, prepare to Rock & Shine !

She said, i thought i would just tell you how much your color shines my days up and our lands.

She said, You are awesome. You are interesting. You are smart. You are beautiful! oh yeah, and you are magic !


Welcoming 29

Today is the day I turn 29. Well, with the 9 hour time difference (I was born in France), I was officially born on the 19th, but it is okay to celebrate for two days, right ?


There is so much hope for this new personal year. So much dreams I wish to fulfill, or at least to jumpstart. So much love to spread.
28 was not an easy year but I lost 12kgs (± 26lbs), I’ve been letting go of some heavy blocks, I am integrating my spirituality back into my life and owning who I am, my husband and I celebrated 10 years of love for each other… so much love to be spread around.
However, I need to continue to learn to take it at my own pace and that this actually is okay to seem slow.

Je me défais enfin de certains blocages, je renoue avec qui je suis et donc avec ma spiritualité, j’ai fêté mes 10 ans d’amour avec mon mari… Tellement d’amour à partager. Cependant, je veux enfin être ok avec le fait de faire les choses à mon rythme même lorsque cela me paraît lent et que je voudrais desespérément que cela aille plus vite.

Welcome, 29.

At 29, I wish to connect more with my Kindred Sisters, face to face when possible.
At 29, I want to be near the water more often.
At 29, I desire more peace in my Soul, and more peace in my home.
At 29, I wish to spread love on a constant basis.
At 29, I strive to be happy inside and out.
At 29, I make rituals and prayer part of my daily practice.
At 29, I will finally open myself up more to guidance.
At 29, my art will take new heights and reach many many places.
At 29, I let my True Self shine and be seen.

Welcome, 29.

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