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Welcoming 29

Today is the day I turn 29. Well, with the 9 hour time difference (I was born in France), I was officially born on the 19th, but it is okay to celebrate for two days, right ?


There is so much hope for this new personal year. So much dreams I wish to fulfill, or at least to jumpstart. So much love to spread.
28 was not an easy year but I lost 12kgs (± 26lbs), I’ve been letting go of some heavy blocks, I am integrating my spirituality back into my life and owning who I am, my husband and I celebrated 10 years of love for each other… so much love to be spread around.
However, I need to continue to learn to take it at my own pace and that this actually is okay to seem slow.

Je me défais enfin de certains blocages, je renoue avec qui je suis et donc avec ma spiritualité, j’ai fêté mes 10 ans d’amour avec mon mari… Tellement d’amour à partager. Cependant, je veux enfin être ok avec le fait de faire les choses à mon rythme même lorsque cela me paraît lent et que je voudrais desespérément que cela aille plus vite.

Welcome, 29.

At 29, I wish to connect more with my Kindred Sisters, face to face when possible.
At 29, I want to be near the water more often.
At 29, I desire more peace in my Soul, and more peace in my home.
At 29, I wish to spread love on a constant basis.
At 29, I strive to be happy inside and out.
At 29, I make rituals and prayer part of my daily practice.
At 29, I will finally open myself up more to guidance.
At 29, my art will take new heights and reach many many places.
At 29, I let my True Self shine and be seen.

Welcome, 29.

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Welcome September, month of celebration !


I usually love September… back to school with new supplies, excitement of new beginning, my birthday, still Sunshine and not quite too rainy yet…

Well, this year is different. The BC teachers are on strike, have cut last school year from its last two weeks and there is no back to school date as of today… so I have two girls to keep busy (thank you Universe for friends in the neighboorhood !).

September is the end of Summer, and at the same time the beginning of a new cycle, welcoming Fall. This is always a month of personal celebration as it is the end of a year and beginning of a new one for me, I love birthdays in general. Time for me to cast new dreams and wishes and surrender them to the Universe, trusting that what is for my Highest Good will manifest itself.

My time in the Studio is limited but it allows me to cherish each second I spend in there with my music on, my special altars, and my paints. Playing, trusting, allowing. There is something big shifting and as always, it comes with a great deal of resistance on my end.

I am gathering questions for the third episode of my creative vlog *Scraps of Life* so if there is anything you would like me to answer or talk about, please leave me a comment. I’m open and you know that speaking my Truth(s) is part of my path, don’t be shy.

Tonight is the last Super Full Moon for a while. She is already big and very shiny in the sky. She makes me utterly happy, it is hard to explain. Today, she is in Pisces and makes everything more emotional and… watery. Gathering my witchy things and trying to sort what my desires truly are so I can map them.

What have you been up to lately ? What are your wishes for this September ?

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Right Now in my world.

The weather is grey and gloomy for what could be our first day of Summer Break…

Grenouille is doing yoga in the living room.

Koala is playing with her Barbies in her bedroom.

I am catching up on the lessons I have not watched yet from SoulFood Class.

I am thinking about what I want to do with my art, the directions I want to explore, the destinations I want to reach.

I am fighting a strong headache. For the 5th day in a row.

I just subscribe to a free psychology class from Yales that I will be able to listen to while working.


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On this Full Rose Moon…

On this Full Rose Moon, I seek guidance to have a clearer vision regarding where I want to go.

On this Full Rose Moon, I seek connection with Kindred Souls. I seek to reinforce the Love and Friendship going on already, to strengthen the link between me and them.

On this Full Rose Moon, I become who I am meant to be.

On this Full Rose Moon, I will gather with my Sabbatical Sisters to celebrate.

On this Full Rose Moon, I surrender and accept it is out of my control.

On this Full Rose Moon, I expand my wings and my horizons.

And so it is.



Some days, I just feel overwhelmed

My heart is pounding.
I feel like I can't really breathe.
I am scared.
Scared of being a fraud.
Scared of being a total failure.
Scared of not being a *real* artist because I don't exhibit/don't get published/don't sell much and so on.
Scared of not being seen for who I am.
Scared of being seen for exactly who I am.
Scared of being on the wrong path.

What to do now ?

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