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Gratitude Friday 2013/09/06

«Thank You» Gratitude Friday is a weekly ritual I started in order to focus on all the small and big positive things that happened during my week. I invite you to join me, you'll see how much being thankful can change your life. If you want to know more about it, read my introduction post. 

Hola !

Today is the first real day back to our school routine. Both Witchlets are in school for the full day, Chéridoo is at work, so I find myself alone.

This week, I am thankful for:

  • Being organized.
  • Having annual visit from Parrain Pierre (our daughters’ Godfather, who is my brother-in-law) from France.
  • Pushing through Fear and recording an interview video (you’ll get to see it in December).
  • New ideas and projects. Fun !
  • Going out of the house.
  • Cuddles.
  • Magic.
  • Working with gems. Setting high intentions.
  • New lipstick that makes me feel like I’m a badass.
  • Laughter. Family game nights.
  • Finding comfortable leggings, so I’m wearing dresses again.
  • Celebrating my birthday all month.
  • The beautiful Soul Juice necklace from miss Kelly Barton I received yesterday.
  • Enthusiasm in my last blogpost.
  • My Dylusions Art Journal is almost finished :D
  • Recording videos*

Tell me, what are you thankful for, right now, what is the first thing that pops in your mind ? I’d love to read it in the comments ;)

* Now that I am getting more comfortable in front of the camera, I really want to do a vlog. For the first one, I am asking YOU to tell me what you’d like to know about me (it can be about art, food, living with a chronic illness, family, spirituality… whatever you want to know). So please please please, don’t be shy and ask in the comment or on the facebook page.

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